Apple's New Device: iWalk?

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Date: Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001, 10:32
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SpyMac has posted a pictured of what is purports to be Apple’s secret device: iWalk.


The iWalk is a kind of PDA with a lot more features than one could have previously expected: It features a high-color TFT-screen with handwriting recognition (using former newton-technology so it’s a lot better than current palm os recognition) and direct access to both data stored on local macs (using AirPort) or on iDisk-volumes (using either routing through AirPort or the built-in modem). It has audio in- and output-ports so it can act as a usual mp3-player when connected to a stereo. The amazing feature is that mp3 files don’t have to be stored locally on the device but can be streamed via AirPort from any Mac that has an AirPort-card and iTunes 2 installed which is going to be released on Tuesday as well.

[Looks like a Photoshop job to me -Ed]

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