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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Go2Mac reader Gade T asks us this question:

I just got a Titanium 400 MHz and it doesn’t come with anything besides iMovie 2 basically. Howcome they don’t even give your Appleworks 2 on the CD? Do they do this on all computers are do they just dislike me?

AppleWorks is bundled on consumer machines, such as the iMac and the iBook. iMovie 2 is bundled on all machines with FireWire and the Titanium is considered a professional machine.

According to Apple the cost of the PowerBook is reduced by not providing AppleWorks, that way the individual can choose to purchase MS Office:mac 2001 or AppleWorks separate. US$300 vs US$79.

Pro machines without AppleWorks include – PB G3, PB G4, G4 Desktop, and the Cube. However, the newest CD-RW Cube is being spun as a consumer product and AppleWorks is included.

Do you use AppleWorks 6? Is it useful? Can it be used an an alternative to Office with OS X? Sound off! It’s the weekend!

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