Archos MiniCDRW Brings CD Burning on the Road

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Archos XS4424

The above picture of the Archos Mini CDRW XS4424 unit was taken at AppleWorld Paris by Francis Boisvert. It retails in France for FRF2070 (~US$339).

The size of a portable CD-player, weighing just over 500g (18oz), the new MiniCDRW is a must have multi-task storage device. Designed for high performance, it reads at up to 24X, writes and re-writes at up to 4X; thus, recording a 650MB CD-R or CD-RW in under 20 minutes!

…it offers a choice of USB or PC Card interface, it is ‘Hot Swappable’? and ‘Plug and Play’? on virtually any PC or Apple Macintosh – Desktops or Notebooks.

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