Army Considers Movement Towards Mac OS X

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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As the PowerPage staff reported on 10 September 1999, the Army has started an I.T. shift in strategy towards the Mac OS, including use of the web server WebSTAR.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Jeff Phillips emphasized that the platform switch, “is an exploratory move by one group and does not signal a policy change.”

Despite the downplaying of recent news regarding the use of the Mac OS by the Military brass, many of the frontline I.T. staff support the Mac, including Army WebMaster Stephen Bates: “We are considering using OS X Streaming Server and QuickTime streaming,” Bates said. “The Army Band and other organizations have expressed interest in streaming audio content.”

With Windows NT, “system administrators can?t know what is going on when there is a problem and have to keep up with all the security patches from Microsoft, which can create more problems,” said WebSTAR Product Manager Eric Zelenka.

What good is a web server without a command shell? Tell me.

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