Army/Air Force Exchange Service Sells Macs

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Date: Sunday, November 25th, 2001, 17:11
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The Army/Air Force Exchange Service has greatly expanded their selection of Apple hardware available on their online store, although they still don’t offer much in the way of software. Here’s a partial listing of what they have available:

  • Apple PowerBook G4 667MHz Notebook Computer 30 GB hard drive – US$2,979
  • Apple Cinema 22″ Display Monitor – US$2,479
  • Apple Power Mac 867MHZ Power PC G4, Superdrive, 60GB hard drive – US$2,479
  • Apple iBook G3 600MHz 15GB Portable Computer with -DVD-ROM – US$1,489
  • Apple iMac 600 MHZ Computer System – US$1,289

Prices include delivery, shipped direct from Apple. Since it’s an official exchange purchase, there’s no sales tax. Dealing with AAFES can be frustrating, and I wouldn’t imagine they have any clue about Apple products in particular, but it looks like a nice deal (saving on the shipping and sales tax) for folks in the military or who still have AAFES access.

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