Arrival Time app Twist shuts down suddenly

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Date: Sunday, April 6th, 2014, 14:10
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It’s a sad day for fans of Twist, the ETA/arrival time app and service. After working intermittently for the last four of five days, the website was taken down and the app was removed from the App Store over the weekend.

The developers confirmed that Twist was shuttered on April 5, 2014 in a Tweet:

When I reached out for comment, they replied:

Twist was an extremely useful app that earned a permanent location on my home screen because I used it daily (sometimes several times per day) to coordinate my arrival time with my wife. When you have kids and are constantly picking them up or dropping them off somewhere Twist was incredibly useful in keeping your significant other apprised of your arrival time. Many a meal was saved because of Twist.

reviewed Twist for The Apple Core on ZDNet in August 2012:

Enter Twist, a phenomenal iOS app that takes location tracking to a whole new level.

Instead of forcing your opt-in followers to constantly refresh a map to see your location Twist automatically lets them know when you’re going to arrive via push notification. That way, if you make an unscheduled stop, or get caught in traffic, the person/people that you’re meeting are automatically updated with your new arrival time. And it’s the automated part that makes Twist so cool. You don’t have to call or text them when you’re going to be early or late, Twist takes care of it for you.

Some have recommended a similar service called Glympse (free, App Store) as a viable Twist replacement but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll put Glympse through its paces and report back on my experiences.

How you keep friends, colleagues and spouse apprised of your arrival time?


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