AT&T Formally Admits to Poor Coverage in New York City

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Date: Friday, January 29th, 2010, 10:27
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If you live in New York and have an iPhone, you probably saw this coming.

Wireless carrier AT&T has formally admitted that its New York City iPhone service is below par per a presentation slide published on Tom’s Guide noting that the company’s 3G Voice Composite Quality in the New York metro area—particularly in Manhattan—is below its performance objective.

Recently, the company explained that 3G service has suffered in New York due to “better than average iPhone penetration,” meaning “AT&T has been too successful in selling the iPhone, to the point where the network has been severely strained.” The company even briefly stopped selling iPhones online in New York City because the area didn’t “have enough towers to handle the phone.”

The slide does contain some good news for AT&T subscribers. Apparently, AT&T has had “three consecutive months of improvement” and it is doing “change-outs” of Radio Network Controllers among other upgrades.

If you live in New York and have noticed a difference, let us know.

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5 Responses to “AT&T Formally Admits to Poor Coverage in New York City”

  1. Yes there is a difference. It’s worse lately.

    I was so disappointed that Apple did not announce additional carriers on Wednesday. I’d gladly pay the $200 to get out of my AT&T contract.


    An AT&T sufferer

  2. Yes it better, not fixed! I work in downtown Manhattan; this fall I could not receive or make a call. Now I can, but drops still occur and non connections still are happening. Get your act together AT&T! >:o

  3. This would be a big fail for Iphone companies there. They should action on this matter because the consumer might stop buying Iphones because of this inconvenience. A recent Conference Board study indicates that the number of workers that feel a high level of job satisfaction has declined steadily since 1987. It isn’t too surprising – the cost of goods and services has increased, but wages have not risen relative to inflation. Numerous studies also indicate that higher paying jobs don’t really do it either – a few more payday loans worth per quarter on a paycheck correlates with lower job security, and less room for promotion, which detracts from job satisfaction as well.

  4. Do we get some sort of rebate? They admit they did not deliver the full service, we should get a price break for that period

  5. This is quite simple happens!!Iphone is needs for new generation and for business man also.In NY this is simply to accept new mobile as soon as.And so network has need some rest for selling iphone.This is nice news.
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