AT&T offers unlimited data plan, albeit bundled through DirecTV, U-Verse accounts

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Date: Monday, January 11th, 2016, 08:48
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Further proving the wireless calling plan policies take more dramatic plot twists than a Telemundo soap opera, AT&T will be launching a brand new version of unlimited data tomorrow.

Pricing for the plan begins at $100 a month for a single line, plus $40 for each additional line. Unfortunately, the caveats is that you need to be a DirecTV or U-Verse subscriber to even be eligible, which of course adds to the cost if you don’t already have a subscription.

AT&T, which is clearly leveraging its recent acquisition of DirecTV, is looking to bundle the service together with the calling plan. While the plan itself doesn’t bundle in specific home TV packages, it’s designed to work hand-in-hand with DirecTV and U-verse’s out-of-home streaming apps. It just so happens that watching lots of video quickly burns up your data allowance, something which AT&T will gladly offer an unlimited plan to fix that problem.

The plan is also limited to smartphones. If you want to use it on your iPad, you’ll need to fork out a further $40/month to add a tablet.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via 9to5Mac and The Verge