Australian users test Apple Watch, find unit is more waterproof than initially thought

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Date: Friday, April 24th, 2015, 07:18
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The Apple Watch is apparently a bit more waterproof than had been imagined.

After snagging their Apple Watch units, a few Aussie Apple Watch buyers over at FoneFox put the wearable through a variety of waterproof tests to see how much moisture the unit could take before failure.

The first test is a basic splash test followed by a five minute simulated shower complete with shampoo and soap, at the end of which the Apple Watch comes out noticeably unscathed and completely responsive to inputs on both its touch interface and digital crown. It should be pointed out that all of the tests were completed with a 38mm Apple Watch Sport.

Upon finding “absolutely no issues whatsoever” with the Watch after the shower test, the users decided to place the Apple Watch Sport completely submerged in a bucket for another five minutes. After the Watch emerged unscathed, it was taken for a swim in a pool. Despite obvious responsive issues when placed underwater, after a 15 minute swim the wearable remained as functional for FoneFox as it was when taken out of the box.

Here’s the video of the tests, complete with nifty Australian blokes testing the unit:

Apple has publicly given the Apple Watch a water resistance rating of IPX7, suggesting it to be splash and water resistant but not completely waterproof. CEO Tim Cook even claimed he wore his own personal Apple Watch in the shower back in February, pointing at a better-than-expected waterproof rating for the device ahead of its launch.

If you’ve gotten your paws on an Apple Watch and have any feedback about its general performance and/or how well it’s held up to water, let us know in the comments.

Via MacRumors and FoneFox

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