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Rumor: AT&T May Bring IPTV Services to Apple TV in 2008

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Date: Friday, June 1st, 2007, 08:45
Category: Rumor

It may have come from Rumorville, but it is interesting.
The folks over at Engadget have mentioned that well-connecte but anonymous source has stated that AT&T and Apple are working to bring IPTV (Internet) features to the Apple TV for sometime in 2008.
Although a launch window has yet to be decided, this does bring up some interesting possibilities. Specific details such as whether the service would be a full package or a more limited selection of on-demand programming or whether the service would be available to non-AT&T subscribers remain unknown.
Stay tuned to PowerPage for more information as it becomes available.


Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 En Route

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Date: Friday, June 1st, 2007, 07:21
Category: News

On Thursday, Parallels announced the upcoming version of its virtualization software, Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac.
According to Macworld News, the upcoming version will sport additional 3D gaming support and add a new feature called SmartSelect, which will allow users to open any file on either the Mac OS X or Windows operating system with an application designed for either operating system. This feature is meant to function alongside Parallels’ Coherence feature which allows users to opern Windows applications directly from Mac OS X.
Similar to Apple’s upcoming Time Machine feature in Mac OS X 10.5, Parallels Desktop for Mac 3.0 will feature a “Snapshots” feature that can store various virtual machine state and allow users to flip back to previous states as needed. Isolation and integration are controlled using the VM Sentry program and the new version will allow users to make their virtual environments read-only if desired. The company is also including a six month trial of viral and spyware protection programs.
Parallels Desktop for Mac is currently at a final candidate stage and is being tested through a closed beta. The final version is expected within a few weeks and will retail for US$79.99 with upgrades being available for US$49.99. A reduced upgrade price of US$39.99 is now being offered through June 6th, 2007.


Apple Snags Interference Prevention Patent for iPhone

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Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2007, 12:22
Category: News

Even if some of us are a tad skeptical as to whether the iPhone can possibly live up to its hype, Apple seems to have added some pretty cool new technologies to it. A recently granted patent made only a few weeks before the January Macworld Expo, where the iPhone was announced, demonstrates what Apple planned to do about the iPhone potentially interfering with other peripherals within a certain range of the device.
According to electronista, a small detector chip installed within the iPhone’s hardware could be trained to recognize certain classes of devices and warn the user if these devices could interrupt the iPhone’s main signal. The warning could take place via either an audio or visual cue, as described in the patent and Apple notes that an updated list could be provided in order to prevent false positives.
The hardware can also be used to help maintain a clean signal according to the write-up. Onboard software can continuously readjust the device’s antenna to keep an optimal signal for the user.
Albeit the patent doesn’t specifically refer to the iPhone, Apple may be able to license the technology as well as use it in additional products down the line.


Fabrix Introduces Additional Laptop Case Designs

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Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2007, 11:42
Category: Cases

On Thursday, Fabrix introduced two additional designs to the Delux Laptop Case Collection.
The new designs, “Floral Explosion” and “Black Beauty”, sport a summer look and are available for the 13.3″ MacBook, 15.4″ MacBook Pro and custom sizes for non-Mac customers.
Prices for the cases begin at US$40.90 and customers can also order an iPod sleeve for only US$12.90 with each laptop case ordered.


Firefox Released

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Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2007, 08:35
Category: Uncategorized

On Wednesday, mozilla.org released Firefox, the latest version of its free web browser.
The new version, a 17 megabyte download, adds Windows Vista-specific fixes and enhancements, provides support for the Afrikaans and Belarusian localizations and repairs the following security holes:
-XUL Popup Spoofing
-XSS using addEventListener
-Path Abuse in Cookies
-Persistent Autocomplete Denial of Service
-Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
Firefox requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later to run.
If you’ve tried the new version and have feedback about it either way, let us know.


Apple on Third Party iPhone Apps/D Conference Transcript

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Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2007, 08:43
Category: News

And now, the iPhone-related news:
According to CNet, during an interview with Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg at the paper’s D Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned that while the iPhone won’t ship with support for third party applications, Apple is open to the idea and is working to make this possible later in 2007. Jobs implied that there were concerns about security issues, which could have added to the delay.
Despite a direct question during the interview, Jobs did not mention an exact release date for the device.
A full transcript of the event can be found over at Engadget while a web clip can be seen below:


Cool Find: Safe Sleep 1.0

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Date: Thursday, May 31st, 2007, 08:32
Category: Software

It may not be iPhone-related news, but developer Tomis Erwin may have come up with something useful.
SafeSleep 1.0 is a free AppleScript front-end that taps into various Terminal commands to improve upon Mac OS X’s sleep features. Here, the computer can save the contents of the memory to the hard drive before shutting down the computer. This features is also available on other operating systems and is known as “Hibernation” or “Suspend-to-disk”.
The program requires a laptop running Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run and is a 21 kilobyte download courtesy of MacUpdate.
Give it a shot and if it works out for you or goes south in any way, let us know.


Apple Adds YouTube Support, BTO Options for Apple TV

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Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 17:49
Category: News

On Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the company would be adding YouTube support to its Apple TV device via a free software update available in mid-June.
According to Macworld News, users will be able to select YouTube from the Apple TV’s main menu, then browse through content from the YouTube web site. The company stated that it would gradually add the most current and popular YouTube content over time until the entire catalog was offered this fall. The content will be gradually converted via Apple’s supported H.264 video codec.
All content uploaded from June on will be automatically encoded under the H.264 protocol, making it compatible with the Apple TV.
In an anticipated move, Apple also announced that it would be offering a larger hard drive as a build-to-order option through the Apple Store. A new configuration will include a 160 gigabyte hard drive, which will be four times the capacity of the current hard drive.
The 160 gigabyte configuration retails for US$399.00.


Rumor: iPhone Data Plan May Retail for US$30 a Month

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Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 14:57
Category: Rumor

With less than a month to go before its release, the iPhone rumors have been almost nonstop. A recent but fairly credible entry is now claiming that AT&T will require customers to purchase an unlimited data plan with each iPhone sold.
Additional details can be found at Jason’s ZDNet Blog The Apple Core.
If you’ve heard anything about this either way, let us know.


Google Eyeing Facebook According to Odds-Makers

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Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 08:22
Category: Fun

Someone once said that gambling was the finest thing a person could do, provided they were good at it.
Granted, this is paraphrasing, but the same logic still applies; if there’s something interesting out there, people will bet on it, especially if there’s something to win in the end.
Gambling and game site bodog.com has placed odds on which companies Internet giant Google will probably buy next.
Leading the pack is Facebook, the social networking web site that currently stands only second to MySpace. Bettors have currently placed five to one odds in the business and financial section with speculators offering seven to one odds that Google will buy out CNet Networks and the Associated Press.
It’s speculation, but it’s interesting. If you have any ideas or opinions about this, let us know.