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Suit Filed Against Apple and Sony Regarding Battery Burn

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Date: Thursday, July 26th, 2007, 07:52
Category: battery

As much as you may like your Mac laptop, things will occasionally go wrong. A Japanese couple living in Tokyo are filing suit against Apple and Sony regarding a PowerBook G4 battery that burst into flames in April of 2006.
According to the International Herald Tribune, the couple is suing for “over” two million Yen (about US$16,700) in damages. The suit alleges that the man suffered burns to his finger while using the laptop an his wife endured mental distress due to the incident.
The battery comes from a batch of more than 10-million Sony-made notebook batteries that were recalled in 2006. Sony has stated that battery problems were caused by microscopic metal particles insider the battery that caused the unit to short circuit.
Since the recall, Sony has stated that it will improve battery design, production and inspection methods to prevent a recurrence of fires in their batteries.
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Apple Reports US$818 Million Profit for Third Quarter

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Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2007, 16:03
Category: Finance

On Wednesday, Apple reported its third quarter financial results. The company stated a profit of US$818 million (or US$0.92 per diluted shared) on US$5.41 billion in revenue for the third quarter.
The results show a marked increase as opposed to a profit of US$472 million (or US$0.54 per diluted share) on US$4.37 billion for the third quarter of 2006.
Apple shipped more than 1.76 million Macs in the third quarter, demonstrating 33% growth compared with Q3 of 2006 as well as 9.8 million iPods, representing 21% growth from a year ago.
Specific iPhone sales numbers were kept under wraps, although Apple CEO Steve Jobs stated he hopes to sell the one-million iPod by the end of its first full quarter, ending September 29th.
Other highlights included the following:
-This quarter yielded the highest revenue in Apple history.
-Representatives cited continued strong demand for the iPod.
-Strong revenue and a favorable commodity market.
-Strong demand for the MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.
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iPhone Unlocking Effort Reports Progress, Web Server Functionality

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Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2007, 13:21
Category: iPhone

The guys over at the osx86.hu hackintosh blog have reported that their efforts to run various open-source applications from the iPhone are proving successful.
According to Electronista, the group has built and run several programs for the device, including a functional Apache web server for hosting sites. Other tools such as Python’s programming language, the vim text editor and assorted utilities have been compiled into binaries and run on the device.
In addition to sorting out how to create an ad-hoc network from AT&T’s EDGE network that other computers can user to surf the Internet, the group claims it’s learned more about how the handset handles and locks out non-AT&T wireless services and SIM cards. Attempts to route around this code sets off a function that identifies the effort as “odd behavior” and closes down unlocking techniques.
Though considered a potential barrier, the find helps indentify what mechanisms an iPhone uses. Last week, the same group announced they had been able to bypass iTunes activation and created a program called iActivator, which can purportedly bypass iTunes via a convenient interface.
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Instructions Posted for Tethering Laptop to iPhone EDGE Network

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Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2007, 08:13
Category: iPhone

A tutorial has been posted on crea.ations.net demonstrating how to hack your iPhone to distribute an EDGE network that can then be tapped into as an ad-hoc network via your laptop.
The trick, which stems off the “jailbreak” hack used for unlocking custom ringtones on the iPhone (posted on Hack the iPhone), provides steady EDGE network access without using a WiFi network. The hack isn’t for the faint of heart, so read up on it to make sure you know what you’re doing.
Check out the YouTube video to see EDGE in action on an iBook G4 laptop.
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Apple Introduces AppleCare for iPhone

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Date: Wednesday, July 25th, 2007, 08:35
Category: iPhone

On Tuesday, Apple released details regarding AppleCare for the iPhone. According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, AppleCare, which is available for US$69, extends “hardware repair coverage” for an additional year (bringing the total to two years if purchased.)
The warranty extension also applies to Apple’s iPhone Bluetooth headset. Full details are available on the web site and previously mentioned elements such as Apple leasing out loaner iPhones for US$29 if your handset goes in for repair still apply.
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The Apple Core: iPhoneMyeBay.com

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Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2007, 12:04
Category: The Apple Core

The iPhone is Jason’s obsession, but he might have something here.
On Tuesday, iPhoneAppLab released the first eBay certified application for the iPhone, allowing users to watch and bid on auctions from the handset.
For full information, links and details, check out The Apple Core .
And, with any luck, the iPhone application that teaches your cat to unload groceries from your car after you go food shopping ships next week.
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Filemark Maker Allows Files to Be Loaded on iPhone

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Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2007, 09:37
Category: Software

If there’s one thing I like about technology, it’s that someone will always find a cool and/or better way to go about something, no matter how closed a device’s architecture might be.
Developer Jamie Wilkinson has released Filemark Maker, a small, free, open source, droplet application that helps encode files into what are essentially web browser bookmarks. According to MacSlash, this allows users to store data such as eBooks and high resolution photos to an iPhone and read them offline later.
To use the program, drop a file onto Filemark Maker via your Mac, bookmark the generated link, then sync the file to your iPhone.
The author has currently attached the following provisos to the application:
-One needs to sync the bookmarks to the phone as trying to bookmark the filemark links on the phone crashes it.
-Don’t try images much bigger than ~1500×1500, which can crash MobileSafari.
-Huge PDFs of text work fine, but something fancy like the NYC MTA map brings it to crawl (but works).
Filemark Maker is a 1.6 megabyte download.
If you’ve tried Filemark Maker and can offer any feedback, either positive or negative, let us know in the forums.


MacBook Pros Exhibiting WiFi-based Kernel Panics

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Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2007, 08:56
Category: MacBook Pro

As good as Apple’s hardware and Mac OS X has become, some gremlins remain.
An article over at MacMerc points out a bug involving MacBook Pro laptops in which the user experiences a kernel panic while attempting to use their built-in AirPort wireless cards.
The current workarounds are to either attach an Ethernet cable to the MacBook Pro or use the WiFi function while using the AC adapter, neither solution doesn’t really help that whole “portability” thing that people tend to buy a laptop for.
Currently, no statement regarding the problem has been made by Apple and a release date for a fix has yet to be announced.
If you’ve seen this on your end or have any thoughts, ideas, fixes or workarounds, let us know in the forums.


Karstadt Retail Chain to Sell iPhone in Germany

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Date: Tuesday, July 24th, 2007, 07:02
Category: iPhone

For Germans anticipating an iPhone, the handset is on its way.
A Reuters story has a spokeswoman with the Karstadt retail stores stating that the chain will be selling the iPhone. The spokeswoman added that the iPhone should be in stock in time for the Christmas shopping season.
It was not specified whether the units would be sold with or without a contract.
Apple has yet to outline details as to how it plans to sell the iPhone in Europe and has only mentioned that the units will be available come late 2007. The company declined to comment on specific plans with Karstadt as well as which European cell phone provider(s) will be contracted with.
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Updated: Newly Discovered Hacks Allow for Third Party Control of iPhone

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Date: Monday, July 23rd, 2007, 14:01
Category: iPhone

A group of researchers working for Independent Security Evaluators have stated they’ve discovered a way to take control of Apple’s newly-released iPhone by way of a WiFi connection or tricking users into visiting a web site containing malicious code.
The hack also purportedly allows access to the personal information stored on the handset.
“Once you did manage to find a hole, you were in complete control,” said Charles A. Miller, principal security analyst for the Baltimore-based firm.
According to The New York Times, the company has alerted Apple to the vulnerability.
Miller demonstrated the hack by pointing his iPhone’s web browser to a specific web site. Once the site had loaded, the iPhone followed a set of instructions that transmitted a set of files over the web site. These files included recent text messages as well as contact information stored within the iPhone.
“We can get any file we want,” said Miller.
Miller also commented that this was representative of cell phones, which are now essentially full-grade computers, having computer-level problems. Though not the end of the world, users should be careful about accessing random public WiFi networks and which web sites they visit.
Per CNET’s Crave blog, a second exploit has also been found via this method:
“A second exploit developed by the researchers caused the iPhone to make a system sound and vibrate for a second after visiting a maliciously coded Web site. The same exploit could also dial a phone number, send a text message, or turn on the microphone to eavesdrop remotely on conversations within the room.”
Apple has yet to respond as to when a software patch or upgrade will be released to resolve the issue.