To the Center of an iPhone…

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Date: Saturday, June 30th, 2007, 11:55
Category: iPhone

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With your new iPhones in hand, the first thing you might not want to do is take them apart, especially after the lines and the waiting involved.
Reader Garrison Gunter thought otherwise and sent us this Flickr-based galleryvia J.C. “Sorcier” and his L’Apple Caf√© section.
And for those of you planning to embark upon this yourself, Anandtech has posted its iPhone “vivisection” gallery, complete with more thorough descriptions of each part of the process.
Given that someone snagged my cell phone over the weekend and I’m getting a replacement shipped along today or tomorrow, my brain kind of seizes up at the idea of dissecting your brand-new iPhone, but it’s a cool new tech device and the more you know about it, the better…


iPhone Guided Tour Now Online

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Date: Friday, June 22nd, 2007, 13:24
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Reader Michael Long just pointed out the following:
A twenty-minute Quicktime guided tour of Apple’s new iPhone is now available online at their web site, illustrating nearly all of the phone’s features and functions. Go and see the tour here.
If you’re curious and can’t get enough of the iPhone between now and the 171 hours until it’s released, take a gander.


“Get Ready” Email Offers Additional iPhone Details

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Date: Wednesday, June 13th, 2007, 08:19
Category: News

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A mass email sent out by Apple and AT&T entitled “Get Ready. iPhone is coming July 29th” lists several suggestions as to how to prepare for the device’s arrival. Broken down into “Contacts,” “Calendar,” “Email,” “Photos,” “Music and Video,” and “iTunes Account” sections, the message explains how each category works on the iPhone.
According to an article on iLounge, the e-mail explains how each user will need to create an iTunes account in order to set up the iPhone.
The section by section breakdown:
Apple recommends getting your contact information up to date and prep your address book program (such as Address Book, Entourage, Outlook Express, etc.) to automatically synch with the iPhone.
The e-mail cites that the iPhone can import events from programs such as iCal or Entourage on the Mac or Outlook on the PC by synching the iPhone with your computer. Appointments can also be directly entered into the iPhone itself.
The announcement mentions that the iPhone can automatically synch e-mail account settings through iTunes and that popular email services such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL and .Mac Mail as well as POP and IMAP-based email will work on the iPhone. The iPhone will be able to automatically retrieve email on a set schedule if desired.
The iPhone can display photos synched to the device via iTunes and iPhoto. On the Windows end, users can synch images to the iPhone from Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Photoshop Album or any picture folder. Apple suggests creating a test album of 50 to 100 photos as a test bed for the function.
Music and Video:
Like several of the other major features, the email cites that iTunes will be required to synch music and video to the iPhone. Apple suggests making a playlist of your favorite songs in advance.
iTunes Account:
Perhaps the most interesting part of the e-mail, users will need to create an iTunes account in order to set up the iPhone. Once the iPhone is in hand, fire up iTunes to create an account. Also double check your user name and password if any of these are in question for a smooth setup process.


Opinion: Kudos to the New Apple Web Site

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Date: Monday, June 11th, 2007, 16:59
Category: Opinion

During Steve’s keynote for WWDC this morning, the store went
offline with their now-familiar “We’ll be back soon” stickie. In the
past, this has been a guarantee of new toys – er, sorry – hardware from
Apple, as they take the store offline to revise the available lineup.
But Steve introduced no new hardware today. But when the store came back
online, the entire web site was redesigned; the header, which has used
the horizontal grey-on-white striping and large tabs that we had in OS X
10.0, has finally been replaced with a clean, stoic header brushed metal
header, and the Apple logo is chrome like might be found on an XServe.


It’s about time.
While Apple has been criticized for having several UI schemes running
through the OS for a while now, it’s nice to see that they’ve finally
retired the last bastion of the original – and by today’s standards,
clunky – OS X theme and replaced it with something entirely modern.
Kudos, Apple. Nicely done.
Steve Abrahamson


FTP Security Disaster with 2007-04 Update on OS X Server

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Date: Friday, April 27th, 2007, 08:00
Category: Software

Apple has caused a major disaster with the 2007-04 Security Update.
The 2007-004 Security Update replaced the ftp.plist in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons from Mac OS X server with the version from Mac OS X *Client*. There is no check in the installer if the update installs on client or Server, and it is the same update for both.
The problem this occurred is that when a client uploads something via FTP, the file permissions are wrong, and are set to -rw-r—– instead of -rw-r–r–.
Why is this a problem? My server, for example is a web server, and ever since I applied the security update 2 days ago, new files uploaded to the server would not work, resulting in this error:
You don’t have permission to access [name of file] on this server.
Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 16080
How do you fix it? Find out after the jump…


Netscape Founder Marc Andreessen: Mac Switcher

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Date: Thursday, March 1st, 2007, 08:00
Category: News

According to a post on GigaOM Netscape founder Marc Andreessen (bio) has come back to the Mac. Those who remember the net roots at the University of Illinois recall that there was a whole lot of Macs being used at the time. Sure the “systems” guys were using other products but the Mac platform dominated Web content development. I really think that those earlier products from Netscape were more user friendly. It’s nice to see you can come back home. Welcome home Marc.
Contributed by: Walter5555


Dear Apple, Fix iSync for S60.

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Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, 09:02
Category: Mobile Phone

You’re not imagining it, iSync really is broken for S60 V3 devices.
It used to be that iSync would push over a little binary that ran a daemon to negotiate iSync communication between your Mac and your S60 handset, which dutifully listened for iSync connections and did a sync.
Now, this process has been broken from the start, due to completely obliterating speed dials and contact groups on the handset. It also blows away custom ringers on contacts and groups because it completely trashes the database on the handset with each sync.
But it gets worse. Much, much worse.
(Read More…)

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PPUG 2007 Meeting TODAY

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Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2007, 08:00
Category: User Group

REMINDER: If you’re in the Philadelphia region PPUG meets today at noon. See you there.
PPUG (Philadelphia PowerBook Users Group) will hold our first 2007 meeting on Saturday, 17 February 2007. The meeting will take place from noon to 3pm at the Manayunk Brewing Company.
Manayunk Brewing Company
4120 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127
We usually have lunch (and/or a brew) while we talk mobile computing. Jason O’Grady (founder of PPUG and will be on hand to talk about latest developments from Macworld Expo San Francisco which include the iPhone, Apple TV, Leopard, and the latest mobile computing news.
Sidekicks Bob Snow and Rob Parker will join us to give us their take on the latest happenings in the world of Macintosh and Apple. Additionally we will have time for Q&A. If you were at Macworld Expo, we would love to have you give us your perspective as well.
Join us for a great meeting, it’s free and open to all and your guests. Feel free to bring items to sell or swap as well.


Apple Store – The Laptop Battery Recycling Gap

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Date: Thursday, February 15th, 2007, 09:23
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It should be simple. When your laptop battery dies, you go to the Apple Store for a new one, and leave old one behind for recycling. Mac users like simple, elegant solutions. That’s why we use the Mac.
But it doesn’t work that way. I recently went to the Apple Store in Toronto, and was told with a shrug that no in-store recycling was available. When I asked “why not?”, I was told “we just don’t do it.”
This is something that Apple should be fixing. The environment is a critical issue right now. Laptop batteries are full of toxins and become hazardous waste if improperly disposed. One would think that it would be a simple matter to expand their in-store iPod recycling project to include laptop batteries. Or adopt a “No Battery Left Behind” policy like Newer has done. Or even just sign-on to a national program like the RBRC, which provides businesses
with collection boxes and return forms. It’s a no brainer.
Al Gore, are you listening?
Contributed by: macldi


iChat … video fails often

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Date: Wednesday, February 14th, 2007, 12:58
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Ever since 10.4.7 or the recent iChat 3.0 update, video requests fail 80% or more, with the “Send / Don’t Send” bug reports to Apple. I have plenty of bandwidth, 8 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up on static ISP cable (Roadrunner So Cal).
I reboot my AirPort base stations, Sonicwall, everything and it only works once in a while.
Contributed by: Vic