REVIEW: Edirol E-09 24-bit WAVE/MP3 Recorder

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Date: Wednesday, February 7th, 2007, 10:09
Category: Accessory

The Roland Edirol R-09 is one of the best audio recorders out there. Podcasters and musicians can look no further and stop and take a look at the Roland Edirol R-09 (MSRP US$400, specifications).
The Edirol R-09 has a lot of similarities with the M-Audio MicroTrack (MSRP US$500). Two things that make R-09 different is that it runs on two AA batteries and it has an automatic turn off setting, which can be programmed if you forget to shut it off saving you battery time.
Also a new firmware update released on 17 November 2006 allows the E-09 to support SD cards up to 4GB in capacity. The bottom line is the sound quality. The E-09 can record both in WAV and MP3 files and features seven MP3 variable speeds depending on your desires.
The Edirol R-09 also has a digital input (which can be used with a mixing board), a headphone jack and a USB jack. It comes with a 64MB SD card. For review purposes I used a 2GB SD card which provided me with ample room to record whatever I needed. I tested the E-09 at a party as well as at seminars and just jamming with a couple of guys. In each situation it performed pretty well.
I wanted to see how it would work with a Mac. One thing you must do is take some time to read the manual. Opening the battery to access the USB port can be difficult. I had no problem because I read about the problem that some had with the bottom in the forums. But the R-09 has many settings before you even start.
For audio aficionados it can be tough to decide which setting to use for certain situations. The E-09 has a built-in reverb setting with different settings – but not as many at the R-1.
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iLap: Solution for a hot Problem

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Date: Thursday, June 8th, 2006, 10:48
Category: Accessory

ilap_back_s.jpgiLap from Rain Design, Inc. is a sure winner when it comes to combating the heat problem. iLap is made out of aluminum with sand-blasted and silver anodized finished. It is designed for PowerBooks and MacBooks.
iLap (US$50-70) ships in a well-packaged box that reminds me of a new MacBook. It is worth every penny when it comes to using it for those big projects that demand hours upon hours to finish. It is so well designed that the heat problem doesn’t faze you.
Testing it for the last two weeks was a breeze. It made life a lot easier. With a velvet cushion in front and a swivel base allows for the perfect elevation for your MacBook on your lap. To the point you can take your MacBook with you to bed (remember to shut it off before dozing off) or your favorite chair.
iLap comes with four plastic tabs to allow for even more protection from sliding. It really is the perfect solution to the heat and one that I would highly recommend to other MacBook/Pro and PowerBook owners.


Review: Simpl A1 Amps up Your iPod

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Date: Wednesday, November 9th, 2005, 00:30
Category: iPod

simpl-a1.jpgSimpl Acoustics has put out one of the best headphone amps for the iPod. Audiophiles demanding more power out of your iPod: this is the one. What makes it even better is that the Simpl A1 was just reduced from US$149 to US$99.
Placing my headphones into the A1’s jack for the first time resulted in a pleasant increase in volume

LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme with Triple Interface

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Date: Tuesday, April 5th, 2005, 12:38
Category: Peripheral

LaCie d2 Hard Drive Extreme with Triple InterfaceLaCie’s d2 Hard Drive Extreme with Triple Interface is an essential addition for audio and video professionals that need speed and power.


A New Way to Cool Hot Notebooks

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Date: Thursday, March 3rd, 2005, 23:13
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ThermaPAK is a novel, innovative way in keeping your laps and notebooks cool. Unlike insulators a.k.a. pillows and textbooks, ThermaPAK absorbs the excess heat and stores it. Nor does it drain your battery like those fan pads.


Firefox Speed-up Tip

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Date: Monday, January 24th, 2005, 02:29
Category: Software

FirefoxI posted this Firefox speedup tip on JBLOG awhile back and forgot to post it here. Worth its weight in gold. Read More…