Bad Guys Wear Windows: Platform Rivalry Revealed on 24

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Date: Wednesday, May 15th, 2002, 10:22
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Back in February, a Wired article observed a startling trend on Fox’s Tuesday night hit show 24: bad guys use Windows, good guys use Macs. Mac spotter Dean Browell was apparently the first to notice the trend. So what, you say? Well, on a show where plot twists abound and viewers watch with bated breath to discover the latest betrayal, sudden changes in platform tastes have become strangely prophetic. Here’s the latest: back in February, the article observes, “One of Bauer’s most trusted colleagues, Nina Myers (Sarah Clarke), has just started using a Dell laptop. Browell suspects she will soon turn bad.” Sure enough, last night on 24, Nina turned out to be just that. So, if you want to top the Mac spy sites spoiling the Xserve announcement yesterday, here is your mission, should you choose to accept it: spot the next betrayal via platform criminal science, spoil the final 24, and annoy your friends!

Thanks to 24 addict and PowerBook 5300 veteran (whose first-generation 5300 was the most reliable I’ve ever seen!) Sarah Horton for tipping us off. We also appreciate that in the producers’ rebuttal, they reveal that good guys use Ericsson, bad guys Nokia, confirming the PowerPage’s mobile phone tastes.

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