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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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San Francisco Bay Area based Incase Designs has announced a few new products for the techno buff on the go. One such item is the Palmtop-PDA pouch.

The Pouch can be seen as a natural extension of Incase’s widely popular PDA-case line. The case utilizes neoprene throughout for its wonderful feel, and cushioning qualities along with a uniquely textured neoprene on the sides for a grippy feel. The case has a soft touch and is designed to be an elegantly simple pouch with a no-fuss buckle attachment. Unlike most leather cases, which offer no impact protection if dropped, the PDA pouch by Incase is protective, easy to use, form fitting, and will accommodate the most popular PDA’s and Windows CE compatible palmtops including the entire 3Com Palm family.

PDA pouch

With the PDA and Handheld Computing platforms labeled as the fastest adopted computing platforms ever, industry analysts such as Dataquest estimate that 5 million units will be sold by the year 2000. Incase Designs is committed to intelligent, experience-based design for today’s lifestyle products.

Other new items include a portable CD belt and a Mini-disc belt.

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