Bandwidth Tests: Show us Your Speed

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Date: Wednesday, March 6th, 2002, 11:12
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Ever wonder what your true bandwidth is? There are a number of bandwidth meters available on the Web that will help you determine what your true Internet connection speed is. As more and more PowerPagers go broadband, you may be wondering which service offers the most bang for your buck. If you currently have broadband, try some of the tools below and post your results in the comment area below. Be sure to include your ISP, geographical region, type (cable, xDSL, satellite, etc.) and cost per month.

  • 2Wire Bandwidth Meter – This meter will determine your maximum throughput to the 2Wire site.
  • C|Net Bandwidth Meter – Want to know how your connection to the Web stacks up? This service will run a quick test that will compare your connection to DSL, cable modems, and more.
  • Your Speed 2.2 – How fast can you really surf? Use YourSpeed to measure your true internet throughput to the 40 most popular web sites in the world.

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