Be Brave, Remove Classic

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Date: Wednesday, May 15th, 2002, 00:00
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I finally did it, I removed classic on my machine. Many people would never even think twice about doing such a thing, removing classic? I still know people too afraid to even switch to OS X.

My OS X trip, like the Grateful Dead’s has been a long strange one. I was one of those guys who ordered the public beta as soon as I could, and yes, I was waiting at CompUSA to get the free copy of OS 10.1 the morning it was released. Overall I’d say that OS 10 has come a long way. After using the slow, buggy, and hardly supported 10.0.4 I was frustrated with the system and wanted to remove it and switch back to OS 9 like I had previously done with the Beta.

I forced myself to think un-Mac like and try it out, and then force it on myself. After all, X never crashed on me. Countless upgrades later I still have only had 4 times where I have had no choice but restart my computer. I used to have to endure this daily ritual before, but now I don’t miss it one bit. I had a few situations where my computer would forget it had an OS on it after restarting to classic, and I had to reinstall OS10. I did this twice, and never booted back into OS 9 again.

Force yourself to like X, and after awhile you will never want to deal with OS 9 again. I know it sounds like a Microsoft way of thinking, but trust me, it will work. So upgrade those classic applications to Carbon or Cocoa applications, if an upgrade is not available find a replacement, login as root open that terminal, rm -r System Folder and get on with your life. You can teach an old dog new tricks, you just have to be open minded, I mean, isn’t that what owning a Mac is all about?

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