Beat Week: City of Light, City of Tunes

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Date: Friday, June 21st, 2002, 10:09
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FR?D?RIC BERTRAND writes again from Paris — now THIS is what I call “Beat Week”! Too bad I won’t be in Paris until NEXT Sunday! -PK ”This week is ‘La Fete de la Musique’ (MusicFest! Plenty of free concerts everywhere in town . . . This morning was already hard enough to wake up and go to the job, I already know my weekend won’t be about resting!

”Last night’s event was wonderful. When you came in the ‘Olympia’ (one of the very nice concert halls in Paris) there were 4 LCD iMacs with Soundsticks+iSub to greet you. Of course iTunes and visualizer were on! The big scene was full of 22″ Cinema Displays, and the DJs were having a great time. All in all it was a well thought marketing event, at least 500 people were in there dancing until the wee hours of the morning . . .”

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