Beat Week: iDJ with MegaSeg

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Date: Friday, June 21st, 2002, 11:46
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If you want basic software for DJing a mix of music but have outgrown iTunes, check out MegaSeg, which added OS X compatibility this week with the release of version 2.1. MegaSeg is described as a “professional” package for mixing and cataloguing MP3s and other audio formats. MegaSeg has full support for manual or automated cross-fades or beat-mixing that is well beyond what is possible with iTunes. Also critical for would-be DJs is the ability to cue recordings via headphones, so that the DJ can hear how a mix will sound before unleashing it on the audience. The good news is, all this power comes cheap: MegaSeg is just US$150, and supports headphone cueing using nothing more than a US$30 Griffin iMic as the second output. MegaSeg also features library search capabilities, automatic beat matching, QuickTime video output, and even internet radio station automation. At this price and with these features, many people will find MegaSeg useful as a jukebox as well as a pro DJ solution. I hope to offer a full review soon once I’ve tried it myself.

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