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Beatles catalog to be available on Apple Music on December 24th

It’s official.

Apple will be releasing The Beatles catalog on Apple Music on Thursday, December 24th.

The current report says that The Beatles’ music will be available on nearly every streaming service beginning December 24th. That includes Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, and Amazon Prime Music.

The Beatles will be available on all tiers of popular streaming services, including the free tier of Spotify.

The Beatles catalog was first available digitally in 2010 exclusively through iTunes for a while, which was a major deal for Apple at the time with 2 million tracks sold within days. With the addition of the catalog to Apple Music, The Beatles should again expect a surge in listens. Much like The Beatles, AC/DC strongly resisted streaming services, but gave in and released their content on Apple Music earlier this year.

So, come tomorrow, all the Beatles music you’ve ever dreamt of will be available via Apple Music.

Via 9to5Mac and Re/code

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