Bell Canada Nodes Employees

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Bell Canada technicians are becoming virtual nodes, a test project of wearable computers that are said to increase productivity out in the field. The Bell Canada program is one of dozens of pilot projects in progress to test how much the devices improve productivity ? and to shake out the kinks. To read the full story check out the New York Times article.


  • SCREEN Optical tricks enable wearers to see what looks like a floating 15-inch display.
  • CAMERA Without using their hands, workers can take digital photographs and videos and transmit them wirelessly to colleagues.
  • TOUCH-PANEL DISPLAY A flat-panel screen responds to the taps of a finger or stylus.
  • KEYBOARD A wrist-mounted keyboard, for one-hand typing, provides an alternative to voice-recognition systems, which are also common on wearable computers.

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