Bluetooth Via TDK USB Adapter

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Date: Wednesday, May 1st, 2002, 00:00
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I just received my TDK USB Bluetooth adapter, connected it to my PowerBook G3/500 Pismo with 640 MB RAM, 60 GB HDD, Mac OS 10.1.4 with USB preview software from Apple and it works like a charm. Especially GSMRemote is now even more useful, as I don’t need serial cables with Keyspan USB serial adapters and serial cables for my mobile phones anymore.

Also the aligning of the mobile phone to the back of my Mac via IrDA is a thing of the past now. I use the Bluetooth connection to my Ericsson T39, but the newer Ericsson phones with Bluetooth should work as well. In the next few days I will try out the connecting to the Internet via GPRS. Similar to Ricochet, but works all over the world, at least in developed countries with GSM/GPRS coverage.

Now the only thing missing is a Sony CLIE with built-in Bluetooth or at least a Bluetooth memorystick.

P.S. If someone would write a Bluetooth driver for the Newton 2000/2100 I wouldn’t need my dongle/serial cable8-8/serial adapter8-9/serial cable 9pin to the mobile phone anymore, just to connect the Newton via GPRS to the Internet.

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