Boogie Down with MP3

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Casady & Greene announced yesterday (“SoundJam MP“) the development of their own MP3 playback and encoder program. SoundJam MP will sport a full-featured MP3 player and an encoder program:

SoundJam MP allows you to quickly encode your favorite music into high quality MP3 files turning your computer into a flexible stereo component. SoundJam MP handles a variety of formats including QuickTime, WAV, AIFF, or CD Music. SoundJam MP has compression capability of over 10 to l for music and even greater for voice. This allows you to store ten times the amount of music into your computer using the same space bringing you hours more music enjoyment.

  • Play and record MP3 files, as well as QuickTime files.
  • Manage your personal music collection with custom playlists.
  • Play music streamed from the internet in realtime, without waiting for downloads.
  • Play and record music in a variety of different formats.
  • Watch cool visual effects while listening to your favorite music.
  • Customize the players’s appearance and sound.

Choose from a variety of colorful Skins, so that you can have a new player face everyday. SoundJam MP allows you to import your own Skins for both theplayer and equalizer. The 10 Band Graphic Equalizer lets you control the quality and tone of your music manually or by using preset music styles: Jazz, Rock, Classical and more. Create the sound and look that reflects your personality.

SoundJam MP is expected to ship in the third quarter later this year.

Also on the MP3 beat, BayTex Productions released the first version of their shareware MP3 mixing program, BayTex Fiesta. You can now do real-time cross-fades and mixing of MP3 playback on your Mac. Fiesta requires MacAMP.

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