BookEndz 2000 for Pismo

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Pilot Technologies, the original creator of BookEndz has announced the upcoming availability in March, of the BookEndz 2000.

The new dock allows PowerBook users to convert their portable computer to a complete desktop system in about 2 seconds. Users simply attach their peripherals to the BookEndz dock once, then whenever they want to use their desk top configuration, they simply slide their PowerBook into the dock to connect everything at one time. When users are ready to go mobile, they just slide their computer out of the dock.

BookEndz means no more cable hassles, no more bent or damaged connectors, and no more file sync problems between a desktop and a notebook computer. In fact, many users do not need a desktop computer when they use a BookEndz docking station with their PowerBook.

The new BookEndz model replicates all the ports on the back of the PowerBook including: two USB ports; 2 FireWire ports, RJ-45 Ethernet port, RJ-11 modem port, 7-pin S-video & composite video, 3.5mm (Walkman-style) audio in/out, SVGA video connection, and power input. Additional features include cable routing channels for PC Card use, computer reset switch on the rear of the dock, illuminated docked/power indicator and security slot on dock– all with no assembly required.

The following additional PowerBook features can be used when docked: IR devices, expansion/battery bays and PowerBook security slot (rear door need not be removed prior to docking). As with previous BookEndz models, the factory power supply shipped with the PowerBook should be used when AC power is required. Pilot has made every effort to ensure that the color and texture of the BookEndz match the new PowerBook so when docked, the units appear to be an integrated system.

Initial retail price is set at US$229.95.

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