Brenthaven Introduces Titanium Backpack, iPod Case Coming [Correction]

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Date: Tuesday, December 11th, 2001, 18:03
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Correction, 12 December: I incorrectly referred to the new iPod case as “leather”; no details have been released about that case yet, including what material it will be made of. We’ll have those details once they become available. -PK

Luggage manufacturer Brenthaven has introduced a new bag for the PowerBook G4, the Titanium 2 Backpack, available exclusively at the Apple Store. (Detailed photo.) Brenthaven also tells us they have a case in the works for the iPod, also be exclusively available via the Apple Store. Given the quality of Brethaven’s luggage, that’s good news, and we’ll bring you the details first, so stay tuned to Go2Mac for more.

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