Buggy Fonts fix for Mac OS 8.6

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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We’ve heard reports that in MacOS 8.6 there is a bug in the Font Manager that causes certain fonts to become corrupt and has caused crashes as well. DiamondSoft, the developer of Font Reserve has come up with an explanation for the problem and this free fix:

The problem occurs with older style fonts, specifically fonts which have “FONT” resources in them. Using MacOS 8.6, if one of these fonts is “looked at” by any application, the system puts a corrupt resource into the font. From that point on the font is corrupt and can crash your application or your system if used by any application.

The problem can also occur with older style fonts embedded within applications. For example, Adobe PageMaker 6.5 has an embedded font containing a FONT resource. This problem can make PageMaker crash on startup when running on MacOS 8.6. Certain applications which provide password protection dialog boxes use an embedded font to display the “bullets” which hide a users password. Some of these programs are also prone to the problem.

DiamondSoft has released a small System Extension, called “FONT Fixer for 8.6“, which automatically fixes the problem by fixing the corrupted fonts immediately after MacOS 8.6 has corrupted the font. This fix is being made available, free of charge, to all users of MacOS 8.6.

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