C2 For Macworld Expo NYC?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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With the imminent release of Apple’s consumer portable, P1, at Macworld Expo New York City this summer, one has to wonder what other fruit-flavored surprises might get announced at “the big dance.” Continuing in Apple’s trend of updating product lines every 3 months or so with a major overhaul every year or so, Apple is believed to be readying the next revision of iMacs for debut in late summer. Revision E or C2, to the trendier, this new iMac design is poised to be nearly every Mac user’s dream machine:

Rendition by Jared Ringold

One possible scenario is that Apple could launch the new consumer desktop (Revision E/C2) and its consumer portable companion (P1) and announce an affordable consumer bundle of both items at Macworld Expo. Until then, our rumors mailbox is always open.

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