C2/Kihei Rumors and Concepts

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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With the next generation iMac’s launch date approaching, the two heavyweight Macintosh rumor mills have been working overtime publishing the latest rumors. Starting alphabetically, AppleInsider latest report (“Next-Generation iMacs to Pack Luxuries“) notes that the next iMac will ship with 2X AGP (Advanced Graphics Port, which is a Wintel standard slot nowadays), AirPort wireless networking, DVD-ROM, and FireWire. Here’s what they have to say about the new design:

Finally, there is the issue of industrial design. The completely redesigned form-factor is said to include a trapdoor directly underneath the unit that will give access to the unit’s memory expansion slots — a drastic improvement over the intimidating process of updating memory in the current line of iMacs.

Additionally, RF (Radio Frequency) shielding is said to be incorporated directly into the plastics that will make up the external shell of the unit. This will allow the new iMacs to be fully translucent, without the aluminum-like shielding sheets that block the view of the systems true internals. Also rumored are a few color changes in the new offerings, all with very glossy finishes.

Additionally, Mac OS Rumors has been trickling information, mainly about the hardware architecture, of the next generation iMac. MOSR is reporting that it will utilize a 100 MHz system bus and full-sized DIMMs (PC 100 memory?).

In case you didn’t figure it out yet, there’s no way that an LCD screen will ship in the next iMac. None. Apple can’t afford to think that differently for a consumer machine. But here’s some eyecandy for ya’ anyway, courtesy of Cyril Kowaliski. We’re expecting it look like something in the ballpark to the image on the right though…

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