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iPod 'Squeaks' Betray Software Secrets

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Date: Friday, March 11th, 2005, 10:07
Category: Hardware, iPod

Did you see this iPod hack on New Scientist? What a c()()1 H4X!

Computer enthusiasts have worked out how to reprogram Apple’s iPod music player with their own code using an ingenious acoustic trick.
They adapted the component that generates clicks – or “squeaks” – as a user scrolls through the on-screen menu in order to extract vital information from the latest generation of the device. This allowed them to install an alternative operating system and make their iPods run games and other new programs.


Radtech Announces The Mini Cocoon for the iPod mini

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Date: Friday, March 4th, 2005, 14:43
Category: iPod, Luggage

RadTech iPod CocoonRadTech announced the Mini Cocoon (US$39.95), a stylish and versatile, semi-rigid clamshell case for iPod mini. Designed for maximum protection, the Mini Cocoon is really two cases in one. A tough, outer clamshell completely encases the iPod mini for rugged protection. A silicone skin allows access to all control elements and ports, providing added protection while nestled in the case, or when used separately apart from the case.
The case has an integrated, high-quality belt clip and comes with a lanyard to allow the iPod mini to be worn around the neck while in the skin, or while encased by the clamshell. While in the case, a clear strap safely secures the skin to the case, even when open. Plus, for added convenience the case comes with a storage pocket for items such as ear buds and cables.


Steal Your Face Right off Your iPod

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Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2005, 23:35
Category: iPod, music

Steal Your Face right off your iPodSteve Jobs has been known to play Grateful Dead music as the audience is seated for his keynote address, so it should come as no surprise that the Dead has let a “deal go down” with Apple’s iTunes Music Store. The Dead, as outlined in the email below, are now offering all their live archival recordings as downloads from the iTunes Music Storeicon. The band also plans to release some unreleased shows via the ITMS “in the near future.”

Hey now.
It’s time for our next step into the digital domain: Beginning March 1st, all the live Grateful Dead archival recordings — the two-track “Dick’s Picks” series and the multi-track “Vault” series — will be available for direct downloading through iTunes Music Store and GDStore.com. Studio albums have been available at ITunes for some time.
In the near future, certain new, previously unreleased shows will be digitally available exclusively through the iTunes Music Store and GDStore.com.
You can access these downloads either through iTunes or through Dead.net’s own GDStore.com Apple will be offering complete shows and single songs up to 10 minutes long in their AAC format. At GDStore.com, you can choose among four different file formats (128, 256, Windows Media, Lossless) for complete shows, but single songs won’t be available.
We’ve been on the cutting edge of music distribution for more than 30 years, and the evolution to digital sharing is not surprising. Dead Heads have always honored ethical standards in their sharing, and we think this offering represents a great combination — it’s easy to use and it’s legal.
Your friends at Grateful Dead Productions


HP to Develop iPod-style DJ Player/Instrument

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Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2005, 20:48
Category: DJ, iPod

We’ve been saying for ages Apple needs to develop a music player for DJs. Jason O’Grady has been saying it for two years. Well, Apple, HP is likely to beat you to the punch:
The owners of the Playlist club
in London (which features a night for iPod DJs just like APT here in
NYC) alerted CDM to an exclusive interview with the team at HP
developing the DJammer handheld DJ device. Here’s why it’s going to
replace the iPod in clubs:

  • Mic input
  • Hold/scratch tracks, via sophisticated motion sensors
  • More than a DJ device: sounds like a motion-sensitive portable
    sampler; HP says it will be "the new electric guitar" — we’ll see, but it does look like a real instrument
  • Streaming to other devices for collaboration
  • HP team wants an open interface

This sounds huge — if the device makes it to market. Let’s hope the honchos at HP see the value of this research.
Read Playlist’s full interview with HP.
HP DJammer research page


DJ Mixer Features iPod Connection

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Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2005, 20:00
Category: DJ, iPod

After Numark’s introduction of a USB DJ mixer, I was immediately excited to read in the fine print that Stanton’s added an ‘iPod connection’ to its “soon-to-be-shipping” RM.404 and 406 4-channel DJ mixers. These are the same mixers with very-cool red backlighting on knobs, via Stanton’s Illumiknobs(TM) technology. Wow, the iPod thing really is happening.
Not so fast: reading the specs, that’s “inijack input (overrides Line input 5) for connecting an iPod™”. Oh, great. So you saved us a trip to Radio Shack for a minijack-to-TRS adapter. Why not call it a “Walkman Connection” or “strange cheap plastic audio crap connection”?
Now, mixer manufacturers, I’m not one to DJ with an iPod — okay, I’m not one to DJ, period — but the first manufacturer to put an iPod dock on your mixer scores instant dough.
Back to those knobs, though. They’re red. They glow. They’re insanely great. I’m going to get one of these (forget USB!) and turn out the lights in my studio just to watch them. That’s my kind of gimmick.


ShuffleClip De-Tangles the iPod Shuffle

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Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2005, 10:25
Category: Accessory, iPod

ShuffleClipReaders of the PowerPage will remember my initial reaction to the iPod shuffle announcement was that it was ugly and that its lanyard and earbud cables looked like a mess of spaghetti swinging around as the people in the television ads danced. People are going to catch them in all kinds of things, like car doors, I said. Well, there’s not much that can be done about my first gripe, but an innovative company has addressed my second: the spaghetti factor.
The ShuffleClip (US$14.95) is a case and clip for the iPod Shuffle formed from a single piece of transparent PETG polymer that allows iPod owners to wear their shuffle just about anywhere: in a pocket, on a shirt, or clipped to a briefcase.


iPod Camera Connector Revealed

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Date: Monday, February 28th, 2005, 10:47
Category: Accessory, iPod

Gizmodo has posted a picture of the new iPod Camera Connector. AppleInsider claims that the picture is from an Apple Japan press briefing held on Friday. Thank God it’s not some huge dongle. Now, don’t get me started on the US$30 price… Availability is still anyone’s guess, as its not yet listed at the Apple Store.


Is the Monochrome iPod on the way out?

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Date: Thursday, February 24th, 2005, 10:11
Category: iPod, Opinion

It looks to me like the US$349 30GB iPod Photo is a much better deal than the remaining 20GB monochrome iPod at US$299. You have to love U2 or the color black to get the US$349 20GB U2 edition. It looks like Apple will simplify the iPod line shortly to just three players: the Shuffle with no screen, mini with monochrome screen and full size with color screen. Or maybe they’ll add a color display to the mini (as has been rumored recently) and ditch the monochrome displays altogher?


Apple Adds Image Capture to iPod Photo

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Date: Thursday, February 24th, 2005, 09:26
Category: Accessory, iPod

iPod PhotoOne of the least publicized and most important features announced with the new iPod Photo yesterday was the addition of Image Capture support allowing you to upload photos from a digital camera to the iPod – with an option US$30 dongle. Read More…


Apple Gouging iPod Accessory Customers in UK

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Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005, 09:45
Category: Accessory, iPod

The pricing of iPod camera accessories in the UK goes far beyond Apple’s usual mark-up. Read More…