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Apple Gouging iPod Accessory Customers in UK

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Date: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005, 09:45
Category: Accessory, iPod

The pricing of iPod camera accessories in the UK goes far beyond Apple’s usual mark-up. Read More…


Pod My Ride

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Date: Saturday, February 5th, 2005, 20:03
Category: Consumer Electronics, iPod

OK, the simple solution is to buy a BMW with the iPod option. Other auto manufacturers have announced iPod compatibility too and for Apple this has been like adding hotels to Park Place and the Board Walk. Now for those of us who are not in the market for a new car just yet, I have some suggestions: read on………


iPod Shuffle Rivals

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Date: Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005, 08:07
Category: Hardware, iPod

iPod ShuffleWhile the iPod Shuffle is great (I will be buying one soon) I think that Apple should have made it with an LCD display since other flash players have them. One good example is the Teac MP 200 which is available in the EU (not sure about the US). This Teac player has a beautiful “full graphic Organic LED / Panel 128 x 64 dots Featuring 4 line / 2 color OLED display” in a (almost)similar compact design and it looks great. Read More…


DLO iBoom: Boomin' With Your iPod

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Date: Monday, January 31st, 2005, 07:13
Category: Accessory, iPod

DLO iBoomThe iBoom is a 20-watt iPod speaker system that turns your iPod into a portable boombox. It works like this: simply install your white iPod in the docking bay in the middle and crank up the volume, which is quite loud btw. When you’re tired of listening to your iPod or just want to tune in to NPR, Car Talk or Stern then click over to the built-in FM radio. We love it here at the PowerPage and can’t wait to take the iPod on the boat this summer. Read More…


Earbud Lanyard Combination – Perfect for the iPod Shuffle?

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Date: Monday, January 17th, 2005, 08:45
Category: Accessory, iPod

Sony MDR-NX1 (JE)I have an iPod Shuffle on order and just picked up a set of Sony MDR-NX1 earbuds with an integrated lanyard. I’m sure that I will have to do a little modification to make it all work, but it sure looks better than the spaghetti in the iPod Shuffle TV commercials.


MWSF05 Show Pick: XtremeMac AirPlay iPod FM Transmitter

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Date: Friday, January 14th, 2005, 13:14
Category: Accessory, iPod

XtremeMac AirPlayThe AirPlay from XtremeMac is a tiny FM transmitter that works with all 3G and 4G iPods. The AirPlay’s tiny size make it easy to fit in a bag with other accessories and it doesn’t block the hold switch when installed. The non-iPod specific form-factor means that it looks equally good on both a white iPod and the mini.
What makes the AirPlay cool is that it doesn’t require you to load software on your iPod, you can change FM channels via the small UP/DOWN buttons on the unit itself. A small LCD allows you to quickly see and change what channel you’re broadcasting to. The only downside is that (like all FM transmitters) it may be hard to find a station in larger U.S. cities like New York or Los Angeles and the AirPlay’s small size make it easier to lose. The unit is well made, appears pretty rugged and is shipping now for US$39.95.


WSJ: Test-Driving the $99 iPod

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Date: Wednesday, January 12th, 2005, 13:42
Category: Hardware, iPod

iPod ShuffleThe Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg test drives the new iPod Shuffle in his Personal Technology column:

I can understand the allure of shuffle play, and of carrying around just a subset of your music. I most frequently use my larger iPods on Shuffle mode. And, like most people, I play favorite songs more often than others, even though my whole music collection is loaded on my bigger iPod.
But, the lack of a screen on the Shuffle would bug me, personally. I really enjoy seeing the song information while I play music. It’s one of the big advantages digital music players have over playing CDs. Of course, joggers and others who listen to music while they work out won’t miss the screen, because they are rarely in a position to watch it, and the fact that the Shuffle is small and lacks a delicate hard disk will make exercising with it appealing.
There are a few design downsides to the iPod Shuffle. The lack of a screen means you can’t use playlists of collected songs on it, because you have no way to select such a list. For many people, play lists are a key part of the iPod experience.
The Shuffle also lacks many of the extra features of the bigger iPods, such as various equalization settings for music playback, and the ability to display calendar and contact information.
And I found the three-way mode button on the back difficult to move. I was forced to press it so tightly that I often tripped the playback controls on the other side.

Read the rest of the column at The Mossberg Solution.
What’s your take on the iPod shuffle? Gotta have one or stripped-down tongue depressor?


shuffle Different

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Date: Wednesday, January 12th, 2005, 10:04
Category: iPod, music

What exactly is the iPod shuffle about. It is about extending into the realm of the flash based players while making absolutely sure that it does not cannibalize real iPod sales. Where the iPod mini bested the full scale iPod in every way but storage capacity, the iPod shuffle is either a teaser or supplement to the iPod experience. It is as much an iPod accessory as it is an iPod.


Hack Your iPod With Your Mac

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Date: Friday, January 7th, 2005, 17:19
Category: Accessory, iPod

Want to change your iPod’s graphics using a Mac? AlterPod v0.3b from
Podite is the second release of a cool application for extracting and replacing your iPod’s display graphics. AlterPod can also backup and restore your iPod’s firmware partition to your Mac’s hard drive.
To edit the extracted graphic files you’ll need an image manipulation application that is capable of opening and saving *.PGM files (Portable GreyMap). I.E. Graphic Converter.
Sluggo at podite.com writes:

I successfully altered the “Do not disconnect” image on my 60GB iPod photo using a combination of alterPod, Graphic Converter 5.4, Photoshop and iPodIcons.
1. Backed up my existing firmware with alterPod.
2. Viewed the firmware file with iPodIcons.
3. Created a 100×100 pixel RGB graphic in Photoshop.
4. Saved it as a TIF and opened in Graphic Converter.
5. Saved it as a “PPM” (instead of PGM because it’s color).
6. Back to iPodIcons, selected the existing “Do not disconnect” image.
7. Right (or control) click and selected “Import Image”, selecting my
saved PPM file.
8. iPodIcons shows my replaced image.
9. Selected “Export Firmware” from File menu.
10. Back to alterPod.
11. Selected “Firmware Restore” tab.
12. Restored my firmware using my altered firmware file.
13. Once alterPod said it was complete, I just ejected my iPod, and it
automatically rebooted sitting in the dock.
14. Once it re-started, my replaced image was there in all it’s glory.
- iPodIcons 0.2.3 is similar to iPodWizard but it runs on Mac OS X and Linux (thanks to Qt).
iPodIcons makes use of ipodedit. See http://austin.mit.edu/ipod/ for more information about ipodedit.


Newer Technology iPod Battery Lasts 22 Hours

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Date: Monday, October 25th, 2004, 07:46
Category: Hardware, iPod

Wired’s Leander Kahney reports on the new iPod battery from Newer Technology:

After nearly three years of almost daily use, my trusty old iPod was starting to give up the ghost. But thanks to a new install-it-yourself battery, it has a new lease on life — and it’s even better than new.
Wired News tested a $40, high-capacity, 2,100 mAh (milliamp hour) replacement iPod battery from Newer Technology. It was easy to install and delivered 22 hours of continuous play — more than double the play time of the original battery. (The battery tested is for first- and second-generation iPods; Newer also sells one for third-generation iPods.)

Read more at Wired News.