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Rumor: Apple Looking Into Creating $30/Month iTunes TV Subscription Service

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Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009, 05:10
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If you want additional television content over iTunes, you might not have that much longer to wait.

Per MediaMemo, Apple has reportedly reached out to TV networks in recent weeks with a proposed US$30/month subscription plan to deliver content via iTunes — a service it hopes to launch in early 2010.

Citing multiple sources, the article stated that Apple’s subscription proposal is not based on any specific piece of hardware, like the Apple TV or forthcoming tablet. Rather, the plan would stick with the existing iTunes desktop software.

“Apple has told industry executives it wants to launch the service early next year,” the report said, “but I have yet to hear of a single programmer that has made a firm commitment to the company, which has tasked iTunes boss Eddy Cue with promoting the idea.”

If anyone does bite, the first expected is Disney, of which Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder. Disney was the first to allow its content on iTunes and saw tremendous early success.

Kafka said that industry executives are “intrigued” by the prospect of a subscription plan on iTunes, as they are looking for new revenue streams as advertising returns diminish. However, cable networks are concerned about sacrificing existing relationships with providers like Comcast, and all content providers are worried that advertising revenue could decrease if live viewership shrinks.

“So Apple’s proposed subscription service, which the company has floated in the past, is no longer a huge stretch,” the report said. “Says one executive briefed on the company’s plans: ‘I think they might get it right this time.'”

Apple has been long rumored to provide a subscription option for TV content. In August, Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray senior research analyst, said he believes that Apple would release a new Apple TV in conjunction with a subscription TV account. But the agreements necessary to offer a subscription service would take some time.

“Apple could leverage its deep library of content with many network and cable channel content owners to provide unlimited access to a sub-library of its TV shows for a standard monthly fee ($30 or $40 per month),” Munster writes. “Such a product would effectively replace a consumer’s monthly cable bill (~$85/month) and offer access to current and older episodes of select shows on select channels.”

Last week, the Apple TV software was updated to version 3.0. Improvements included a newly redesigned interface, support for iTunes Extras and iTunes LP, and streaming Internet radio.

Rumor: Apple to Include Blu-Ray Support, Social Media Web Site Integration with iTunes 9

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Date: Monday, August 10th, 2009, 04:00
Category: iTunes, Rumor


A new report suggests that the next version of Apple’s iTunes could carry support for Blu-ray discs, visual management and rearrangement capabilities for App Store software, and integration with social media Web sites.

According to Boy Genius Report, a “pretty reliable source” revealed new features on Saturday that could be anticipated with the release of iTunes 9.

Citing a “pretty reliable source,” The Boy Genius Report revealed Saturday what could become new features in an anticipated upcoming new release of Apple’s digital media software.

“One of the new additions to iTunes is said to include Blu-ray support,” the report states. “Something else that will most likely make a bunch of people happy is that we’ve been told iTunes 9 will finally include the ability to visually organize and arrange your iPhone and iPod touch applications. Something that wasn’t so clearly described was some kind of Twitter/Facebook/Last.fm integration. Maybe broadcasting what song you’re playing to your friends?”

Sources have recently suggested that two compelling new features would come with Apple’s newest iMacs, leading some to speculate that official Blu-ray support from the company could be coming in the near future. One of those features is said to have long been on the wish-lists of many Mac users while the other is expected to cater to the semi-professional audio/video crowd.

The source for The Boy Genius Report reportedly didn’t provide a time frame for the new iteration of iTunes, but one might assume that Apple could make an announcement at its annual iPod event in September.

If the Blu-ray rumors pan out, it would be a major turnaround for Apple. Less than a year ago, Chief Executive Steve Jobs went as far as to call the technology “a bag of hurt.”

Apple Releases iTunes 8.2.1, Cripples Palm Pre iTunes Syncing with Update

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Date: Thursday, July 16th, 2009, 04:14
Category: iTunes, Mac, Software


Late Wednesday, Apple released iTunes 8.2.1, the latest version of its multimedia/jukebox application for Mac OS X. The new version, a 77.3 megabyte download, offers support for the iPhone or iPod touch with the iPhone 3.0 Software Update. The update offers a number of important bug fixes and addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned “verification of Apple devices” toes the line as to which handhelds can sync to iTunes and which can’t. According to Macworld, the fact that the update “addresses an issue with verifying Apple devices,” essentially means that Apple’s drawn up a list of which devices are allowed to sync and which aren’t—and the Palm Pre is public enemy number one on the latter.

Back in May, prior to the Pre’s official release, Palm executives announced that the device would be able to sync with iTunes, pulling down your music, podcasts, and videos. The trick? As far as iTunes was concerned, the Palm Pre was an iPod.

While the media sync worked pretty well in previous tests, it was unclear as to whether Apple would allow it to sync to iTunes should future versions be released. Apple may have toed the line via a Knowledge Base article describing third party media players being supported by iTunes.

With iTunes 8.2.1, Apple seems to have stopped the Palm Pre from syncing to iTunes altogether, a move confirmed by the company in a statement to the Dow Jones Newswire. Also speaking to Dow Jones, a Palm spokesperson seemed to suggest that not upgrading iTunes is a good solution—but it seems unlikely most users will be willing to do that, especially over the long term as Apple adds more iTunes features.

While the Pre also works as a USB drive, it’s possible to just copy songs over manually, though it can be a laborious process. There’s also the option of third-party syncing software, such as Mark/Space’s The Missing Sync for Palm Pre, doubleTwist, and the forthcoming Salling Media Sync 1.1, which is currently in beta.

Apple Releases iTunes 7.3

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Date: Friday, June 29th, 2007, 11:37
Category: iTunes

As the final hours tick down until the iPhone launch, Apple has released iTunes 7.3, the newest version of its music and communications hub software for devices such as the iPod, Apple TV and now the iPhone.
The update is a 34 megabyte download and allows for the following:
-iPhone activation.
-iPhone synchronization with downloaded music, TV shows and more.
-Wireless synching between iTunes and an Apple TV.
iTunes 7.3 requires Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later to run.
If you’ve tried iTunes 7.3 and have either positive or negative feedback about it, let us know.


JoeSoft Releases Jax 1.0

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Date: Wednesday, June 27th, 2007, 07:30
Category: iTunes

On Tuesday, JoeSoft announced that Jax, an application designed to complement iTunes and iTunes-compatible devices such as the Apple TV, iPod and iPhone.
According to Macworld News, the program provides the following features:
-The ability to upload YouTube videos into iTunes
-A “Music Map” feature which provides extensive information about musicians.
-An album art and lyrics locator.
-Several new visualizers for iTunes.
-Information seeking abilities such as point-to-point directions, weather forecasts, stock quotes, movies listings, gas prices, news feeds, document viewing, e-mail access and MP3 function conversion.
Jax is available as a trial download and retails for US$49.95. The program is coded as a Universal Binary and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, iTunes 6.4 or later and a broadband Internet connection to run. The downloadable demo also arrives with an uninstaller which can be used to remove the program from your Mac.
If you’ve tried Jax and have either positive or negative feedback about it, let us know.


iTunes 7.0.2 Addresses Stability and Performance Issues

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Date: Wednesday, November 1st, 2006, 00:28
Category: iTunes


iTunes 7.0.2 adds support for the Second Generation iPod shuffle and addresses a variety of stability and performance issues found in iTunes 7 and 7.0.1.

Apple – Support – Downloads – iTunes 7.0.2


DVD Jon Selling the Keys to Apple’s FairPlay DRM

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Date: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006, 10:19
Category: iTunes

dvd jon by irina slutskyDRM-buster
DVD Jon has a new target in his sights, and it’s a big piece of fruit.
He has reverse-engineered Apple’s Fairplay and is starting to license
it to companies who want their media to play on Apple’s devices.
Instead of breaking the DRM (something he’s already done), Jon has
replicated it, and wants to license the technology to companies that
want their content (music, movies, whatever) to play on Apple devices.
This may not be good news for iTunes the store, but it could make the
iPod even more popular.

GigaOM :: DVD Jon Fairplays Apple


iTunes 7.0.1’s Mobile Phone Mentions

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Date: Thursday, September 28th, 2006, 13:08
Category: iTunes

Normally, an iTunes update wouldn’t be much news. But this one has lots of mentions of a “mobile phone” that can play video and display pictures. As far as we know, the ROKR and RAZR V3i can’t do that.

Here’s a taste of the strings:

“4301.022” = ” ^0 was not copied because the video format is not supported by the mobile phone ^1 .”; “4301.043” = “Are you sure you want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? You will need to manually eject your mobile phone before it can be disconnected safely.”; “4301.045” = “Are you sure you do not want to manually manage music and videos on your mobile phone? All existing content on the mobile phone ^1 will be replaced with content from your iTunes library.”;

iTunes 7.0.1 Has Buttloads of Mobile Phone Mentions – Gizmodo


Why iTunes Works

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Date: Monday, September 25th, 2006, 09:00
Category: iTunes

The iTunes Monoploy/Failure Myth debunked the idea that Apple has a stranglehold on the digital media market by demonstrating how Apple contends in a competitive market for both music players and digital downloads. The other half of the myth–that the iTunes Store is being “shunned” by users–is taken apart by showing that not only is Apple’s online strategy a success, but that there are clear reasons why Apple has maintained its lead while rivals have failed miserably: Why iTunes Works
Read More…
Contributed by: Daniel Eran, RDM


REVIEW: NFL Follow Your Team and GameDay on iTunes

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Date: Wednesday, September 20th, 2006, 10:00
Category: iTunes

itunes-nfl-gameday.pngOne of my favorite new products on the iTunes Store (in addition to the games, of course) is the NFL’s Follow Your Team subscription. Being a huge fan of the NFL and the Philadelphia Eagles I was excited to sign up for the service which went online on Monday.
It works like this, a subscription (or Season Pass) to Follow Your Team costs US$24.99 or US$1.99 per episode. The day after your team’s game you receive an email notification to download an 8-12 minute video with highlights of the game. It was perfect for me to catch the highlights of the Eagles game that I missed while I was at ACL this weekend. Too bad the ‘birds lost in OT and Kearse got a season-ending injury. I’m actually glad that I missed the game.
In addition to individual team highlights iTunes also sells a Season Pass to the NFL Network’s NFL GameDay for US$19.99 or US$1.99 per episode. NFL GameDay is hosted by Rich Eisen with Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders. The all-inclusive Sunday night wrap-up show offers the most comprehensive NFL coverage on television, with highlights from every NFL game plus post-game reaction and expert analysis. New episodes are supposed to be available each Sunday night at 11:30pm ET, but week 2’s GameDay didn’t arrive until midnight eastern time last night (Tuesday). Perhaps it was delayed to include the Monday night game?
NFL GameDay is 90 minutes on the tube, but only 70 minutes on iTunes thanks to the lack of commercials. If you’re into football and can’t always be planted in front of the plasma screen all weekend. Check it out!
NFL 2006 - 2006 NFL GameDay