Review: Spire Torq Backpack

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Date: Friday, May 25th, 2007, 10:00
Category: Luggage

Most of you know by now that I’m something of a bag-o-holic. It’s probably because I’m so attached to my MacBook Pro and because I take it everywhere but regardless, I really dig bags or all shapes and sizes. One bag I’m currently digging is the Torq (US$170) backpack from Spire.
Spire is a bunch of admitted computer geeks with a passion for both outdoor gear and tech gear – and that comes through in their products. Torq improves upon two of Spire’s popular backpacks the Volt XL and Meta by adding capacity, comfort and additional protection.


The Torq is a killer backpack that’s well padded and safely carriers a 15 to 17-inch notebook and a bunch of other gear. It’s split into three main compartments for: accessories, laptop and books/clothing. I recently loaded the Spire up with my MBP 15-inch and all its accessories (power supply, mouse, cables, CoolPad, ExpressCard, etc.) and still had enough room to bring my current raft of reading (three magazines and two books) and a weekend’s worth of clothes thanks to the expanding compartments.
The Spire’s dedicated notebook compartment offers a lot of protection thanks to the included Vertical Boot notebook sleeve. The sleeve has a Ballistic nylon exterior, Velcro flap, quarter-inch closed-cell padding on all six sides and a rear pocket can store thin folders or documents. The sleeve can be removed and used separately thanks to the built-in D-rings, shoulder strap and reinforced top handle.


Torq also features a strong load-bearing padded waist belt which can be hidden when not in use, a bevy of external and interior pockets, light colored interior, key clip and dual side mesh water bottle pockets. Colors include blue (pictured), red, black and gray.
Although it may be a little large for the 13.3-inch MacBook, the Spire Torq is a perfect fit for either the 15 or 17-inch MacBook Pro. If you’re looking for a backpack to carry your MBP, the Torq Spire is worth looking into.


REVIEW: Tom Bihn Super Ego Notebook Bag

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Date: Monday, December 4th, 2006, 11:00
Category: Luggage

tom-bihn-super-ego-1-250.jpgThe Tom Bihn Super Ego (US$140) is a hybrid messenger/shoulder bag that is designed to fit all sizes of their Brain Cell laptop insert and a lot of other of stuff.
I call it a hybrid because it combines the best feature of a shoulder bag (being able to access contents from the top) and the cool flap unique to messenger-style bags. The bag pictured is the Super Ego in Black/Steel with the Blue seat belt buckle strip.
Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags for over 20 years. The daypacks he made when he was 13 years old are still in use and in Santa Cruz, California, where Tom grew up, his laptop cases and book bags are almost legendary.
Tom is a bit of a renegade too…


Holiday Shopping: eBags 20 Percent off

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Date: Tuesday, November 28th, 2006, 09:57
Category: Luggage

eBags is an online retailer of (duh!) Bags and they carry bags from Timbuk2, Burton, Chrome, Puma, Oakley and Roxy and dozens of others. eBags is offering a 20% discount if you enter promotional code EMGR8GIFTS.
(Thanks Arthur)


Crumpler $4M Home; The Horseman

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Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2006, 11:42
Category: Luggage

PowerPager Bob Snow adds to the bag discussion:

My first exposure to Crumpler was about 4 years ago in S.F. I was staying in “Graphics Gulch” and they have some superb photo galleries and pro level camera shops.
Last week I bought a 4 Million Dollar Home (the Crumpler camera bag, not the home) for US$58 at Circuit City. It comes in a metallic box with a picture of an over the top Mansion. They make other sizes 1, 2 and 6 Million as well. My favorite Crumpler name is their “Baby Scarer”.
I also purchased a “Breakfast Buffet” cheap/used laptop bag I got on eBay and modified to fit my slightly too big MacBook. It is a great bag, but has no outside pockets for flat things like plane tickets. You always have to lift the flap, which makes me glad the laptop compartment has an extra Velcro closure.

…and Emory weighs in:
Crumpler's The Horseman

Crumpler’s The Cashmere Blazer was on my list until i figured out that it was huge. Not wanting something that large I settled on The Horseman (US$155):
My main bag that I travel and work with is a Boblbee Megalopolis backpack. It is the bag I always come back to, but sometimes I don’t want to carry a backpack. So I was looking into other types of bags, and was almost ready to order a messenger bag from Chrome when I saw this one.
This bag is designed to accommodate 15” and 17” laptops, and I’m usually carrying either a 12” PowerBook or a 15” ThinkPad. But I’m also usually slinging around notebooks, index cards, a book or two, my iPod and/or a Sony PSP, a Wacom tablet (much easier to manipulate OmniGraffle or Visio documents when you’re not using a mouse!) and other assorted bits. Usually some sort of camera is included, so being able to carry one of those as well is critical.
Its quite easy to stuff this thing to gills, but even fully-loaded it is quite manageable.
I love bags.

Read Emory’s complete Horseman review here.


REVIEW: The Cashmere Blazer from Crumpler

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Date: Monday, August 28th, 2006, 10:21
Category: Luggage

This one definitely fits in the “computer bag that doesn’t look like a computer bag” category. Crumpler’s The Cashmere Blazer (US$165) is a messenger bag that conceals a built-in computer sleeve that’s well padded. It fits up to a 17-inch notebook but it works just fine with my 15-inch MacBook Pro too.
The best part about The Cashmere Blazer is that it’s a perfect weekend bag because of its large size. In addition to a PowerBook, MacBook or iBook you can easily pack a weekend’s worth of clothes and accessories inside. Traveling with one bag has its benefits, especially when you can carry your MacBook Pro and a weekend’s worth of clothing in a single bag on a commercial aircraft (just remember to ditch the liquids!).
Read More…


Wrap Your Laptop in Sushi

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Date: Thursday, August 17th, 2006, 11:05
Category: Luggage

sushi-sleeve.jpg:For all your savory endeavors, how about a colorful and tasty MacBook cover… (Thanks ^jax)

Sushi is brain food. I guess that’s why Gideon chose this print for a laptop folio. Please do not buy this unlesss you are Gideon. It’s made for gideons laptop and no one elses. if you’d like to wrap your laptop up in it’s own custom cover contact me via the link to the right and I’d be happy to make one just for you .

Saltygal’s Etsy Shop – wrap your laptop in sushi


REVIEW: Timbuk2 Commute Messenger Bag

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Date: Tuesday, August 15th, 2006, 08:00
Category: Luggage

timbuk2-commute-xl-06-1.jpgOf all the types of bags out there I like messengers the best. It’s true that backpacks are usually more comfortable and practical, but there’s something to the shape and configuration of a messenger bag that particularly works for me. They’re easy to whip on and off, can be worn in several different positions on your body and they’re easy to re-configure on the go.
Today I want to take a look at the Commute messenger bag from Timbuk2.
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Bag Month: Slappa Metro Pro Laptop Bag

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Date: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006, 11:00
Category: Luggage

slappa-metro-pro-laptop.jpgFirst up in our Bag Month feature is a bag from a new entrant onto the notebook luggage scene. Slappa started out building luggage for DJs back in 2003 and I discovered them at Winter Music Conference in Miami a few years ago. Slappa started out making high-quality storage cases for CDs and has since branched out into notebook luggage.
Slappa’s Metro Pro Laptop Bag (US$70) is built from rainproof and puncture proof BuckBlast material and features a hide-away carry handle and strong zippers. The main compartment features an adjustable Velcro divider and it fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro nicely, so it will also fit a 13-inch MacBook as well.
The second half of the main compartment has enough space to store an AC adapter, some papers, a magazine and a few cables, but that’s it. The bag isn’t enormous but it’s adequately spacious for a 15-inch MacBook Pro and some accessories. The inside of the flap has a couple of small pockets for money and credit cards. The removable shoulder strap features Slappa’s E.Z. Clip system which allows you to easily adjust the strap length by simply clicking into a different clip.
slappa-metro-pro-laptop-ope.jpgThe 3/4-inch padding inside the Metro Pro bag is sufficient but not tremendously so. It’s enough padding to protect your notebook from most day-to-day bumps but I’d prefer a little bit more on the bottom (although the molded rubber diamond grip feet help.)
The Slappa Metro Pro is a stylish and economical shoulder bag that I’d recommend to artists, architects and other scenesters that are concerned with looking good while carrying their notebook computer. Those that bash and flail their bags or need a ton of extra storage room should consider something larger and more rugged like Slappa’s Velocity Pro Spider or HardBody Pro.
Manufacturer: Slappa
Model: Metro Pro Laptop Bag
Dimensions: 15″ (w), 11″ (h), 4″ (d)
Weight: 2.6 lbs
Price: US$69.99


PowerPage Bag Blowout 2006

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Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2006, 09:00
Category: Luggage

wooden-powerbook-crate.jpgNo one likes the prospect of the end of summer and there’s just something about start of August that says “one last month” before the summer begins to fade and it’s time to get serious again.
One of my favorite things about the fall is, well, NFL football, But until kickoff on 07 September I live for the sound of Velcro being torn open and the smell of fresh Cordura Nylon in the air.
The start of August can only mean one thing – that it’s time for PowerPage Bag Blowout 2006.
Whether you’re a slick corporate raider, hipster student or just a stinky hippy in a van, we’ve got something for everyone this year. Although I really like the concept of Bag Week (think Shark…) one week isn’t enough time to cover all the great new luggage that’s available for notebook computer totage. So now that it’s August I’ll be peppering the site with fresh reviews of some crazy new bags from your favorite vendors.
(If there’s something special that shouldn’t be looked over during Bag Month, let me know and I’ll do everything I can to have it included.)
Me, I’m a simple dude. When at home I keep my pimped MacBook Pro in a wooden crate and when I’m on the road I kick it with a homemade MacBook Pro sleeve made out of foam core and duct tape. Cha!
So what do you, fair PowerPage reader, carry your precious cargo in? Chime in using the comments below. FWIW I’ve turned off all authentication (read: no registration) on comments, so have at it, but please behave!
(Foam core diddy courtesy of Lifehacker, wooden box contributed by Calvin Tomm.)


Fabrix’s Killer MacBook, MBP Sleeves

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Date: Monday, June 5th, 2006, 09:51
Category: Cases, Luggage, MacBook Pro

Fabrix-MacBook-Sleeve.pngThese are some badass looking sleeves for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. If you’re looking for something other than boring black – check them out! Click through for the link.

Fabrix today launched its new collection of laptop cases built specially for Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro (MBP). Each laptop case is cushioned with internal quilted padding that provides the laptop with protection against scratches and light bumps.

MacNN | Fabrix launches MacBook, MBP cases

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