Treo 700p Announced, Mac Users Rejoice

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Date: Monday, May 15th, 2006, 14:12
Category: Mobile Phone

treo700p.jpgAs a Mac owner I was a little nonplussed when palmOne announced the Treo 700w four months ago. Gone was one of the best reasons to buy a Treo – native syncing with Mac OS X. Well fear not Mac faithful, palmOne today announced the Treo 700p smartphone (the “p” means that it runs the Palm OS.) The Treo 700p features:
– 312MHz Xscale CPU
– 128MB flash memory (60MB usable)
– 1.3 megapixel camera
– Bluetooth
– 320×320 display
PhoneScoop took a bit of the wind out of my sails though, apparently the 700p’s SDIO slot won’t support WiFi (um, WHAT?!) and it doesn’t support voice dialing over Bluetooth.
The good news is that the 700p appears to have the Bluetooth profile for Dial Up Networking (DUN) enabled. Hopefully Verizon and Sprint won’t cripple this feature like they did in the Treo 650.
No word yet on the price of the phone or data plans, but I’ll be posting more information as we get it from the carriers.


The Mountain Moves

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Date: Thursday, May 11th, 2006, 08:00
Category: Mobile Phone reports:

Sony Corp. on Tuesday announced a symbolic concession to Apple Computer Corp. on digital audio technology. The company will make its latest music management software compatible with the AAC data compression technology used by Apple. The change will enable users of some types of Walkman digital audio players to listen to music imported from Apple’s music management software.
Sony long clung to its proprietary data compression technology, known as ATRAC. It has since turned to an open-door policy, embracing such popular formats as MP3 and Microsoft Corp.’s WMA. Still, the electronics manufacturer’s acceptance of Apple’s AAC format, used for the immensely popular iPod digital music players, marks a particular about-face.
Sony said the coming version of its music management software Sonic Stage will be compatible with AAC. The company will provide the software, called Sonic Stage CP, free of charge through the Internet from May 25. The software is compatible with hard-disk types of Walkman A series products.
Sony’s latest strategy is an open acknowledgment that it can no longer ignore iPod’s dominance. In April, Apple controlled 52 percent of the nation’s portable digital music player market, in terms of units sold, according to market researcher BCN Inc. Sony is a distant second with a 15 percent share, followed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., with a 7 percent share.

Contributed by: Brett Jordan


New Leaked Picture of the Sidekick 3

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Date: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006, 08:12
Category: Mobile Phone

T-Mobile-sk3.jpgThis latest leaked Sidekick 3 image appears to be from an ad. Looks awesome!
Contributed by: Paul Grossman


iTalk Concept

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Date: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006, 08:00
Category: Mobile Phone

italk-300.jpgChristopher and Greg DeSantis have produced an excellent video for a concept Apple phone/PDA.
The phone looks great, and the video has high production values. If/when Apple produce a phone/PDA, I hope it isn’t a million miles away from this. Check out the video on my blog. (Thanks to Conrad for bringing this to my attention.)
Contributed by: Brett


T-Mobile Sidekick 3 One Step Closer to Reality

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Date: Friday, April 28th, 2006, 08:04
Category: Mobile Phone

sidekickIII.jpgThe much anticipated T-Mobile Sidekick 3 just got one step closer to being released. Pictures of the new device were released on the FCC website this week even though Sharp, manufacturer of the Sidekick, requested they be kept confidential. The Sidekick has drawn an ever growing fan club since it 1st debuted with the black and white Sidekick. It’s become a cult like following with rumor Web sites and leaked pictures flying across the net.
I myself have submitted to this cult following. I am addicted to my Sidekick II. I started out with a color Sidekick 1 and when the 2 came out I immediately jumped on it. You may ask whats so great about the Sidekick? What does it have that say the Treo or other smart phones don’t have?
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Ask Emory: Sony Ericsson K790a Availability

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Date: Monday, March 20th, 2006, 09:01
Category: Mobile Phone


Hey PowerPage:
Have you heard when the Sony Ericsson K790a Cyber-Shot mobile phone will be available in the United States and which carriers will have it?
It seems like a worthy, EDGE-compatible successor to the T6XX line. If you can get a review unit, I’d like your opinion.

Mobile phone guru and PowerPage associate editor Emory Lundberg replies after the jump…
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Make .Mac .Mobile

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Date: Sunday, March 19th, 2006, 21:52
Category: Mobile Phone, Opinion

Getting data from .Mac to mobile handsets doesn’t need to be so difficult.
Currently Apple’s approach is desktop-bound, adding a handset to iSync and letting your mobile phone talk to iCal and Address Book. But there is a much better way to do this that I’m surprised Apple hasn’t moved on yet. I can only assume that they will, and soon, but until then I can only grit my teeth and wait for the inevitable.

Apple needs a more vocal mobile strategy

They dabble and they play a bit, and so far what I’ve seen is solid. It isn’t especially transparent but they’re trying. Apple doesn’t like to do anything unless everyone can play, and I think Apple needs to clamp down on the bite-plate and move on this market, hard.
Messaging and communication will soon not take place on the desktop. I strongly believe that all communication will soon be offloaded to mobile devices, if it hasn’t already for many of you. IM, Email, Text Messaging, MMS, and usable syndication for mobile devices is either already available or almost there. Much of your consumption of information can take place on the go now, without requiring a desk-bound reader or user.
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Will Apple’s iPhone be Called “Aloha?”

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Date: Thursday, March 16th, 2006, 23:00
Category: Mobile Phone

According to LoopRumors Apple has filed for the trademark “Aloha.” It was filed in Hong Kong and refers to portable digital electronic devices and software related thereto. Could this be the much anticipated iPhone product? (Contributed by: the wrench)


Ask Emory: Push Email, Good or Bad?

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Date: Thursday, March 16th, 2006, 11:41
Category: Mobile Phone

Dear PowerPage:
I would be very interested to hear more about your experiences with the Treo 650.
I have just purchased one and am looking at the idea of “push email”. For a start, I’m not sure whether it is a good or bad idea. Do you use this type of system? Which email program do you use on the Treo?
Chattermail seem to offer an attractive idea – messages arrive on your Treo when they arrive at your server without having to manually choose to get mail on the Treo. However how this works is a bit confusing to me!
I’d be very interested to hear your experiences on this and how you manage email on the Treo.
All the best,

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Nokia N80 Shows up on NokiaUSA

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Date: Thursday, March 16th, 2006, 11:37
Category: Mobile Phone

Oh, snap. The Nokia N80 has a home on the NokiaUSA website!

If we are to believe the digits given for network capabilities, this makes it very unlikely for a launch on Cingular. I find it unlikely that Nokia didn’t make a mistake — it is foolish to launch a 3G handset on T-Mobile which lacks a UMTS network.

The Nokia N80 is a 3-mega-pixel havin’ mp3-playin’, wifi-rockin’, email-fetchin’, S60 smartphone that is the absolute peak of Nokia multimedia innovation. Nokia has also announced a Bluetooth audio gateway that mates to the N80 allowing you to kick your audio from your handset to your home stereo system without cables. While Apple makes bigger and thinner iPods, Nokia is doing an end run.

Pricing is unavailable but I still expect the unlocked and unbranded flavor to fetch USD$900 upon release. if a US operator like Cingular or (gasp) T-Mobile starts selling it it is likely that they’ll charge around USD$400 for the device, as well as using the new strong-arm thug-life tactics to prevent customers from unlocking the device or de-branding it with proper firmware. It is also probable that US operators will cripple this device and there will be little you can do about it. Observe the footnote:

“To use the phone you must have service from a service provider. Many features and mobile services require network support. Some networks have limitations that affect how you can use phone features. Your service provider also may have requested that certain features not be activated in a phone. If so, they may not appear in the phone’s menu. Contact your service provider about feature support and availability.”

So even if this handset tucks you in at night and feeds your cat, there is a chance that your operator will block those features from use. It will be interesting to see how badly they screw this up. But you’re all savvy consumers who demand the best, so you’ll be paying the big bucks to get one that works as Nokia intended, right?

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