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17-Inch PowerBook Podiatry Issues

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Date: Monday, May 19th, 2003, 10:11
Category: Hardware, PowerBook 17-Inch

Two of the rubber feet came off of my 17-Inch PowerBook. I called my local Apple Store and they did not have replacement feet for the 17-Inch. The sales rep suggested I call Apple Care. I called Apple Care and they said the feet are not covered by Apple Care and I would have too send in my PowerBook to get them replaced at a cost of $650.00. Has anyone else had the rubber feet come off their 17-Inch PowerBook? Hmmm, this sounds familiar. Luckily, mine haven’t come off yet. -Ed


An Airplane Hangar of a Backpack

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Date: Thursday, May 15th, 2003, 11:03
Category: Luggage, PowerBook 17-Inch

Brenthaven Professional 17 BackpackYou already know that the PowerPage is comprised of a few select editors with a fetish for luggage, but a new bag from Brenthaven has captured more than my attention it is making me re-think ergonomics on a larger scale.
Most discerning Mac users will agree that style is key and the PowerPage has always credited excellent bag design where it is due. Take our obsession with messenger bags like the Timbuk2 Commuter Messenger Bag for example. Although it is great looking, it tends to lean more toward fashion over function. That’s not to say I dislike TB2 – no way – it’s just that the more you use a bag, the more you need function first.