Rumor: Apple to Release iPhone SDK at WWDC

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Date: Monday, June 4th, 2007, 12:13
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An article in today’s New York Times has cited an unnamed source stating Apple will release a software development kit to developers at next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.
The anonymous source stated that Apple “intends to announce that it will make it possible for developers of small programs written for the Macintosh to easily convert them to run on the iPhone.” The article offered no additional offers where this was concerned.
While a software development kit for the iPhone makes sense, Apple has apparently wrangled with the prospect of completely open development for the device, especially with security and stability factored in.
Apple may be shifting its position, though. When the device was first announced in January, the company seemed to steadfastly indicate that it would not allow third-party application development. Last week, CEO Steve Jobs seemed to indicate that iPhone development was now a question of “when”, as opposed to “if”.
During an interview with Wall Street Journal columnist Walter Mossberg, Jobs noted that the Japanese consumer electronics industry had been hindered by poorly written software. Jobs then went on to point out that the iPhone’s more robust Mac OS X underpinnings might allow for a lead on the rest of the handset industry and thus more flexibility where development was concerned.
Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Rumor: AT&T May Bring IPTV Services to Apple TV in 2008

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Date: Friday, June 1st, 2007, 08:45
Category: Rumor

It may have come from Rumorville, but it is interesting.
The folks over at Engadget have mentioned that well-connecte but anonymous source has stated that AT&T and Apple are working to bring IPTV (Internet) features to the Apple TV for sometime in 2008.
Although a launch window has yet to be decided, this does bring up some interesting possibilities. Specific details such as whether the service would be a full package or a more limited selection of on-demand programming or whether the service would be available to non-AT&T subscribers remain unknown.
Stay tuned to PowerPage for more information as it becomes available.


Rumor: iPhone Data Plan May Retail for US$30 a Month

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Date: Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 14:57
Category: Rumor

With less than a month to go before its release, the iPhone rumors have been almost nonstop. A recent but fairly credible entry is now claiming that AT&T will require customers to purchase an unlimited data plan with each iPhone sold.
Additional details can be found at Jason’s ZDNet Blog The Apple Core.
If you’ve heard anything about this either way, let us know.


Rumor: iPhone May Ship With Added Features

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Date: Tuesday, May 29th, 2007, 12:04
Category: Rumor

While this definitely comes from Rumorville, you can’t say it isn’t interesting:
A recent blog entry may be confirming Apple’s history of under-promising and then over-delivering on its final product in order to win over a potential market, as the post mentions all sorts of goodies that may be en route for the iPhone. Perks such as boosted wireless support, additional software and rebates via an AT&T contract have surfaced and while they may not all be true, could point towards some cool extras that may be in the works.
For the full story, check out the Apple Core blog and let us know what you think.


Future Apple Laptop Details Begin to Emerge

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Date: Monday, May 14th, 2007, 08:27
Category: Rumor

Out of the rumor mill, details have begun to emerge regarding Apple’s forthcoming laptop products, the MacBook staying relatively the same while significant changes should be seen in the company’s MacBook Pro line. Specifics have also begun to surface regarding a 13″ sub-notebook that’s been in the works for some time.
Where the MacBook is concerned, AppleInsider has stated that sources close to the company that the consumer level laptop won’t receive Intel’s updated “Santa Rosa” notebook architecture or an LED-backlit screen until a future revision later this year.
The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, should be the focus of Apple’s notebook revisions. The professional market laptop will see an enhanced feature set from the Santa Rosa architecture and should be outfitted with faster 800 MHz front side system buses as well as second generation Core 2 Duo mobile processors capable of speeds up to 2.4 GHz. The 15″ model should also be the first Apple laptop to convert from a traditional cathode fluorescent-backlit display for an LED-backlit model.
Apple has recently been reported as ordering significant numbers of LED-backlit display components as well as finished parts from various Asian suppliers for such a revision.
According to sources, the long-awaited and much-rumored sub-notebook will be wrapped around a 13″ LED-backlit display, a move that comes as a surprise given that many thought the 13″ display components that had been ordered were destined for Apple’s MacBook units.
The sub-notbook will include a 13″ LED-backlit display, lack an optical drive, include on-board NAND flash memory for application launching and boot times, a built-in iSight camera, AirPort Extreme 802.11n, a MagSafe power adapter and be thinner and lighter than the current MacBook offerings. The unit will be available in either late 2007 or early 2008. Additional specifications have yet to be confirmed.
Stay tuned for the latest news on these offerings as they become available.


Rumor: Apple to Release LED-backlit 15″ MacBook Pro at WWDC

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Date: Tuesday, May 8th, 2007, 11:33
Category: Rumor

Although most of us have yet to see an LED-backlit display, this has been the stuff of techno-lust for the past couple of weeks, especially where Apple’s future product line is concerned. The cool news may come ahead of schedule as Apple will announced an LED-backlit laptop on or arround the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 11th.
According to ThinkSecret, sources close to the project have stated that Apple placed a mid-April order to Asian component manufacturers for more than 100,000 15.4″ LED backlight displays.
Sources have also stated that the order called for a mid-May delivery, which would allow for a three to four week window for manufacturing and shipping. The delivery would coincide with Steve Jobs’ scheduled keynote address for the event.
Unfortunately, the anticipated LED-backlit displays seem to be limited to the MacBook Pro for the time being. Sources did not refer to any order placed for 13.3″ LED backlight displays that could be used in the MacBook line, but discussed that this could be seen in a third-quarter rollout of Apple’s consumer laptop.
Even if LED-backlit displays don’t emerge in as near a term as the Worldwide Developers Conference next month, this has been confirmed via Steve Jobs’ open letter regarding its environmental policies. The upgraded displays could provide a brighter image, lower power consumption and make for an environmentally friendlier product.


iPhone Launch Window Emerges

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Date: Monday, May 7th, 2007, 13:30
Category: Rumor

Despite the fact that Apple has stated that its long-awaited iPhone will hit the shelves in June, that’s as specific as the company could be. An internal AT&T e-mail sent to all corporate AT&T employees published over at The Boy Genius Report states that the Apple iPhone launch will take place on June 15th and run until July 15th.
During this time, AT&T won’t approve employee vacations during this time frame, the company citing that this will be “the biggest selling period we have seen in a few years.” In spite of high expected sales, Apple has dictated the terms of the launch via an iron-clad contract which AT&T is probably working to ensure is followed to the letter.
For your consideration, the e-mail:
To: All Company Owned Retail Employees
From: [Name removed]
Subject: iPhone Launch Period
Date: May 4, 2007
As previously announced, Apple and AT&T will soon debut the iPhone,
which combines a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and
breakthrough internet communications into one small and lightweight
handheld device. The new AT&T has a multiyear, exclusive agreement to
provide U.S. service for the iPhone.
To ensure proper staffing during the product launch period, Sales personnel
planning to take approved time off are encouraged to schedule their
vacations before June 15 or after July 15 to participate in the iPhone
Previously approved vacation will be allowed where voluntary rescheduling
is not feasible
No additional vacation requests will be approved during the launch period
(6/15 – 7/15).
I want to thank you in advance for your understanding as this is likely to
be the biggest selling period we have seen in a few years.
Happy Selling,
[Name removed]
Details as to the launch date are unconfirmed at this time. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know.


Rumor: Rogers Wireless May Not Support iPhone in Canada

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Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2007, 09:31
Category: Rumor

Apple’s widely anticipated iPhone may see a dearth of network support up in Canada according to suggestions that have been made that provider Rogers Wireless may not support the iPhone. In a recent statement, corporate communications head Odette Coleman told journalists that no announcements had been made regarding support for the iPhone, despite Rogers currently being the only GSM carrier in Canada.
According to MacNN, Canada’s telecom industry is mostly composed of iPhone-incompatible CDMA networks used by providers Bell Canada and Telus. Rogers and its sub-brand Fido would be Apple’s only possible carrier to go with should the iPhone go on sale in Canada.
Additionally, Frost & Sullivan analyst Ronald Gruia has stated that Rogers may not be inclined to carry the iPhne and have its own reasons to delay a Canadian iPhone launch. Rogers is currently in the middle of existing contracts with Motorola and Sony-Ericsson to sell a certain number of music phones from these companies and might not want to hurt these sales via introduction of the iPhone.
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Mac OS X 10.5 Nears Final Candidate Stage

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Date: Monday, March 26th, 2007, 14:53
Category: Rumor

On Monday, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu downlplayed a report published by DigiTimes that Apple had fallen behind on development for its upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” operating system and would delay release until October in order to boost support for dual-booting with Microsoft‘s Windows Vista operating system.
“From our analysis, we believe these concerns are overdone and believe that Mac OS X Leopard will ship on time in the ‘Spring’ timeframe, or Apple’s June quarter,” wrote Wu. “Our sources indicate that Apple’s latest beta build has made noticeable improvements in stability and functionality from previous builds and that Apple is likely one or two upcoming builds away from reaching ‘final candidate’ stage to be released for manufacturing.”
Wu commented that Apple could still meet its spring ship date even if it delayed release until June 20th. He also mentioned that there was a concern among developers he was in contact with as to the “top secret” features within the operating system according to AppleInsider.
“At some point, we believe Apple needs to ‘publish’ or enable these so-far undocumented features for wider beta testing,” Wu wrote. “Many are hoping, including us, that it is virtual machine technology similar to that offered by Parallels, Inc. that allows seamless operation of Mac OS and Windows simultaneously. If so, we believe this would serve as a major catalyst for Mac sales.”
To date, Apple has maintained that it will not incorporate its own virtualization technology within Mac OS X 10.5 and will allow third party firms such as Parallels and CrossOver compete without interruption.
If you have any comments or ideas about this, let us know.


Google Works to Quash iPhone Competitor Rumors

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Date: Thursday, March 22nd, 2007, 10:49
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On Wednesday, Google took steps to remove itself from rumors that it had entered the smart phone race by claiming that hardware wasn’t its main concern.

“At this point in time, we are very focused on the software, not the phone,” said Richard Kimber, Google’s director of southeast Asian sales and operations. This comment synched with statements made by Google evangelist Vint Cerf’s comments made earlier this month that the company was more interested in constructing platforms for other firms.

These efforts, stated Kimber, would be demonstrated by integrating Google’s search tools rather than in creating its own device according to AppleInsider. This claim is backed by Google’s recent deals with Samsung and other handset device firms that have agreed to install the company’s search and mapping tools on their units. In addition, Apple has agreed to include Google’s search and map tools on its upcoming iPhone, due out this June.
If you have any opinions or ideas on this, let us know.