Was this a peek at the iPhone 6?! (Update: not so much)

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Date: Monday, June 2nd, 2014, 16:20
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Weeeelll nope. Sorry, jumped the gun there. After closer inspection of my own iPhone 5s without it’s case, and the recognition that the top and bottom of the image are cropped, it now appears that this is in fact a white iPhone 5s. I’ve been taking a closer look at the video and the demo presenters definitely seem to be using a iPhone 5s. I guess the rumor of a leaked video showing a supposed iPhone 6 got me a little too excited at the prospect that Apple was giving us a subtle peek. It was exciting for a few hours eh?

After watching the live WWDC Keynote, my head is swimming with info and feature announcements for OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, however, there was one thing I didn’t catch until I was reviewing part of the keynote to find some information I missed. See if you can spot it in this photo (even though I kind of gave it away in the title). iPhone6_sneakpeek The first thing I saw were the buttons. My immediate reaction, “that doesn’t look like the 5s buttons…”. iPhone6_sneakpeek hilight Then I looked at the whole thing and thought, “waaaaaaait a minute…that doesn’t look like any iPhone I’ve seen!”. Apple isn’t one to simply create some kind of random, generic phone design to show in their presentations, so this seems like a pretty good bet that this is a peek at the new iPhone 6 design, and if it wasn’t ready for a release this year, I doubt they’d be showing it off. I can’t tell what device they were using in the on-stage demos, but maybe some developers on site will post some close-up images.

What do you think? Is this the new iPhone or is this a red herring? Let us know in the comments or on the Facebook page.

Prototype iPhone nabs $1500 on eBay

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Date: Friday, January 3rd, 2014, 08:30
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iphone-originalAnybody remember the original iPhone? I do, I had one and I think it’s still my favorite design of all of them so far. The body was aluminum, except for a section at the bottom which was plastic so as not to interfere with reception, all rounded edges, and a nice chrome bezel around the glass face. The original iOS (then iPhone OS) seems dated now with no folders, no select/copy/paste, and at the beginning NO APPS except the Apple ones, if you can imagine that. Well  it seems some intrepid person got their hands of one of the prototypes for the first iPhone and sold it pretty quickly on eBay for a measly $1500. That’s only the price of three subsidized iPhones now, and two unlocked ones. Not long ago, an original Apple I (one of the ones built in Steve Job’s garage) sold for $671,400, and an original Apple II for $6,100. Apparently the device didn’t have an actual OS on it, at least not like the public would eventually see, just a bunch of apps designed to run the iPhone through a battery of tests. For some images of the pre-iPhone iPhone (grabbed from the now expired eBay auction), head over to Redmond Pie to see what the fuss is about.


Meeting Steve Jobs

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Date: Monday, August 20th, 2007, 09:46
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The image “http://www.myiphone.com/gallery/files/2/SimonSteve.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.WiebeTech (and former NewerTech) CEO James Wiebe blogs about his impromptu run-in with Steve Jobs back in the day:

Steve Jobs walked into the room, as all oxygen in the room exited simultaneously.
We were seven feet apart.
He said: “We don’t like it when you introduce accelerator cards which are faster than our computers.” (At that time, I was the CEO of Newer Technology, which ultimately sold somewhere around 150K+ CPU accelerator cards for Macs.)
Well, that was a nice Howdy Do.

Vincent Nguyen, Editor of MyiTablet (formerly MyiPhone), SlashGear and SlashPhone shares a similar story about his meeting with The Steve.

So when I got to meet Steve at D5 the other day, I was like a kid on Christmas morning again (only with less egg-nog). I almost expected an Apple-flavored electric shock when we shook hands; what I didn’t expect was to get slapped with a legal threat.
Turns out, Steve isn’t such a great fan of MYiPhone as we are about the phone itself. His comment to me about the site was “I recommend you changing the name, we have a team of lawyers to go after that kind of stuff.”

We Be James :: Meeting Steve Jobs; Newer Technology

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iPhone Spotted in Silicon Valley Restaurant

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Date: Monday, May 28th, 2007, 10:26
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The folks at GeekNUZ have posted a quick story in which the author and a friend spotted an Apple employee using an iPhone out in public:
“So I was at a local restaurant with my friend Philip here in silicon valley when I noticed that the man behind me in line was holding an iPhone!!! I had to lean over and sneak a peek, of course, and saw that he was navigating a page with lots of text. I think it was a website. Then he clicked over to some sort of list – was it bookmarks or an options menu? I couldn’t tell. Even from two feet away, however, the screen appeared crystal clear with the tiny font text. The phone itself looked like I remembered seeing it at MacWorld a few months ago-same size, shape, and it wasn’t protected with any sort of case. (The screen itself cannot have any sort of covering on it, according to the rep I spoke to at MacWorld) He was quite unabashed about the fact that he had it. When he sat down at the table in front of me he had it out most of the time while he was dining and was taking pictures of the person he was with and was talking about the functions of the phone. I approached him and asked if he was an Apple Employee who works on the phone, to which he replied “yes.” So I went on and gave him my schpeel spiel (thanks Jeremy) about why they should allow third party software on the stupid thing, to which he replied with a blank, and mostly disinterested, look. He said to me “yea, as far as I know they’re not allowing that yet.” Anyhow, he was nice enough and I hope he takes the comment to someone who cares. Check out the candid pics I took (with my SE K750). Even though it’s got a 2mp camera the lighting wasn’t optimal in the restaurant so they’re a bit grainy, but still worth it! iPhone in the wild!”
Pictures can be seen here and here.
Thanks again to GeekNUZ and if you seen an iPhone in the wild, send in pictures or video (provided you’re not disturbing someone else’s privacy/being a nuisance) and let us know.


MWSF07: H2O Audio: For Better Underwater iPod Listening

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Date: Wednesday, January 10th, 2007, 18:48
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San Francisco — Wander through the show floor of Macworld Expo and sometimes something strange or cool will catch your eye. The iPod submerged in water yet still playing qualified as this.


H2O Audio manufactures a line of iPod cases and headphones that allow the MP3 player to be used underwater at various depths. The cases are designed around various activities, some simply protecting the units against rough and tumble activities while others allow for full scuba diving depths.
H2O Audio’s products are currently being sold online as well as through Apple’s retail channel.
For the full product line, take a look here.


MacBook Pro Breaks Fall on Ice…and Breaks Altogether

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Date: Monday, January 8th, 2007, 10:05
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An article on digg.com points to a MacBook Pro user who, after only about three months with his new laptop, slipped and fell on some ice.


The laptop, which was in a backback at the time, broke the fall, but the user (“Ryansw” according to his picasaweb.google.com picture gallery) mentions that Apple quoted him a $629 repair estimate which escalated to a $1,200 estimate upon discovering that the optical drive had been damaged.
The user later found a replacement optical drive online for $199 and is hoping for the best in getting the laptop back.
Even if the laptop ice capades aren’t in your plans for today, think about a sleeve and a good, padded bag. It may not look as cool as you’d like or be in your first color of choice, but between a functioning laptop and a $1,200 repair estimate, you can look a little dorkier when it comes down to it.
If anyone’s had a similar experience or has comments or feedback, please let us know.


iPod Vending Machines Appear at Macy’s

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Date: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007, 08:00
Category: Sighting

A post over at digg.com shows footage of an iPod vending machine selling Apple’s venerable MP3 player and accessories – recently seen in Asian markets – in action over at a Macy’s department store.
The vending machines feature a touch screen and also accept credit cards to finance these purchases, which can run into the hundreds of dollars.
Take a look for yourself:

Reports have also come in via forum posts that several of these units have also been seen in the terminals of the Atlanta airport.
If you or anyone else you know have seen anything similar, let us know.


MacBook Pro Battery: Time for Warranty Replacement

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Date: Monday, January 1st, 2007, 08:00
Category: Sighting

A brief article on digg.com shows pictures of a MacBook Pro 15″ laptop’s battery swollen to incredible proportions even when disconnected from power.
If you have an original MacBook Pro with the Intel Core Duo processor, check with Apple about its battery exchange program for these units.
If you have any comments, feedback or have seen swelling to this extent, please let us know.


Carputer: Subaru Combined with a Mac Mini

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Date: Monday, January 1st, 2007, 08:00
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An article on GThing.net shows a Mac user who’s integrated a Mac Mini into his Subaru and put in some extra hardware and software to create both an entertainment system as well as a utility that can access the Internet at broadband speeds on the go, get directions, check local gas prices, etc.
The system uses the following hardware and is powered by Mac OS X, AMP 1.0 (a software front end that functions like a more powerful version of Apple’s Front Row), DisplayConfigX to allow Mac OS X to function with the 7″ Lilliput Touch Screen and a BlueTooth connection to a cell phone to share wireless broadband Internet.
The entire package runs just under $1,400.

If you have any comments or feedback, let us know.


Sharp-Sighted Reader Spots Possible iTV Remote

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Date: Wednesday, December 27th, 2006, 10:03
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Eagle-eyed reader Phillippe Robin has spotted a possible remote control for Apple’s upcoming iTV media console. When Steve Jobs announced the unit back at its “Showtime” event this year, an image of Apple’s Front Row remote control (or something very similar to it) was seen.

The video, which can be seen via a recorded YouTube clip, shows the remote control at three minutes and forty seconds into the play time.
While a rumored iTV remote control image was seen a few weeks ago, the unit seemed black and unwieldy, uncharacteristic for Apple, which tends to pride itself on a crisp and uniform appearance in its product line.
With Macworld Expo San Francisco less than two weeks away, speculation is fervent and iTV could be a clear winner depending on provided features.
If you’ve seen or heard anything about iTV and its remote or just want to throw your two cents in, let us know.