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Apple Releases Security Update 2007 – 007

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Date: Wednesday, August 1st, 2007, 08:13
Category: Software

On Tuesday, Apple released Security Update 2007 – 007, a collection of updates for the Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) operating systems.
The update, which ranges between 14.2 megabytes and 63.3 megabytes depending on which version you download, applies security fixes to the following system components:
-Core Audio
-Quartz Composer
Security Update 2007 – 007 also incorporates the security fixes found in previous version of Apple’s security patches.
Users will need to have Mac OS X 10.3.9 installed for the update to be functional on the Mac OS X 10.3 operating system and Mac OS X 10.4.10 installed for the update to be functional on Mac OS X 10.4. The patch can be obtained through Mac OS X’s Software Update feature.
Given that this is a substantial update no matter how you slice it, any and all feedback would be appreciated. Let us know how the patch treats your computer over in the forums.


Apple Releases AirPort Extreme Update – 2007 – 004

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Date: Wednesday, August 1st, 2007, 08:14
Category: Software

Late Tuesday, Apple released AirPort Extreme Update – 2007 – 004, a small update geared towards improving the reliability of wireless connections on the Intel-based MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops as well as the Mac Mini desktops.
The update is a 745 kilobyte download and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run.
Users can also find the patch through Mac OS X’s Software Update feature.
If you’ve tried the update and had either a positive or negative experience with it, let us know in the forums.


Mozilla Releases Firefox

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Date: Tuesday, July 31st, 2007, 12:55
Category: Software

On Monday, Mozilla.org released version of its Firefox web browser.
The update comes just a few weeks after a recent security update, the version patching the following bugs:
-Unescaped URIs passed to external programs.
-Privilege escalation through chrome-loaded about:blank windows.
According to Macworld News, the patch will also be seen in upcoming versions of Mozilla’s Thunderbird and SeaMonkey programs.
Firefox is a 17 megabyte download and requires Mac OS X 10.2. or later to run.
If you’ve tried the new version and seen either positive or negative changes, let us know in the forums.


iPhone Firmware Files May Provide Hint to Upcoming Features

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Date: Tuesday, July 31st, 2007, 09:07
Category: iPhone

Despite the fact that an iPhone software update would be more than welcome right about now, some interesting clues have emerged with regard to where Apple might be taking the iPhone in the near future.
The guys at iPhoneology appear to have located some goodies via a trek through the iPhone’s firmware files. According to this screenshot, the following files may point toward some upcoming widgets or new applications altogether:
com.apple.widget.worldclock (potentially different from the Clock application)
Even if many of these files are just ports from the Mac OS X 10.4 Dashboard, the mobile.radio file could suggest the possibility that Apple is looking to stream radio or come out with their own FM tuner for the handset.
Apple has yet to announce a release date for its first software update, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what the future holds at this point.
If you have any thoughts, ideas or theories of your own on this, let us know over in the forums.



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Date: Tuesday, July 31st, 2007, 08:00
Category: iPhone

OK, I was the last PowerPage editor to succumb and drove to the Christiana Mall in Delaware on the 4th of July to wait in line for 10 minutes with about a dozen folks for the 50 remaining iPhones at the Apple Store there.
Most bought two.
As an existing AT&T customer, I had no problems activating and for the most part the iPhone is everything I expected and less. It took me about 20 minutes to investigate and use every last nook and cranny of the iPhone. It is that good an interface. Does it lead me to conclude that it falls short in terms of what it can do? Sure, but one can always hope for a bit more in a software update or two and even more in the next generation.
Am I disappointed?
Hell, no!
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Apple Releases Pro Application Support 4.0.1 Update

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Date: Tuesday, July 31st, 2007, 08:39
Category: Software

Late Monday, Apple released version 4.0.1 of its Pro Application Support software.
The update, a 7.6 megabyte download, improves interface reliability for Apple’s professional applications such as Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Aperture, Final Cut Express HD, Soundtrack, Logic Pro and Logic Express.
As with most Apple updates, users can snag the software via Mac OS X’s Software Update feature provided one or more of Apple’s professional applications have already been installed.
The update requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later to run.
If you’ve tried the new version and have either positive or negative feedback about it, let us know in the forums.


Mac OS X 10.4.10 Power Issues and Workarounds

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Date: Monday, July 30th, 2007, 15:31
Category: Software

A group of users have reported a wide variety of issues since installing Mac OS X 10.4.10. Chief among these concerns is power issues, wherein the system will report that a USB device is drawing too much current.
According to MacFixIt, the issue can be resolved by disconnecting additional USB devices from the same USB bus or adding an externally powered USB hub to the mix to supplement the power.
Others have reported success in downgrading to Mac OS X 10.4.9. For those new to the Mac or nervous about the process, MacFixIt has also posted a full tutorial as to how to back up your data, reinstall Mac OS X and get back to a version of the operating system without this problem.
If you’ve seen this problem or have another idea or workaround, let us know over in the forums.


Bejeweled Comes to iPhone

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Date: Monday, July 30th, 2007, 12:13
Category: iPhone

On Monday, PopCap Games announced that the company has launched a custom version of its Bejeweled puzzle game for the iPhone.
The game is being offered for free to users who log on to the company’s web site via an iPhone.
According to MacNN, the iPhone version of the game, which incorporates the handset’s display and input controls, was developed in cooperation with developer Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk, a programmer who’s worked with iPhone games before.
If you’ve tried the iPhone-specific version of Bejeweled, let us know in the forums.


#iphone-dev Team Compiles First Third-Party App for iPhone

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Date: Monday, July 30th, 2007, 08:10
Category: iPhone

Whether Apple hit on the perfect combination of software for the iPhone or not, the guys over at the Slashdot, the group has released the standard “Hello, world” application (picture here) and cites that the application is both native to the iPhone and uses the device’s GUI.
The crack opens up development for anyone who wants to write a program for the device, even though they’ll still have to install the iPhone “Toolchain”, write the application, compile it, translate it and install the application to the iPhone.
Take a look and see what you make of it. The road to new third-party applications on the iPhone isn’t an easy or smooth one at this point, but it’s being created nonetheless and may lead to some very cool things…
Feel free to chip in your two cents on this over in the forums.


iPodLinux Installer 0.3 Released

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Date: Monday, July 30th, 2007, 08:40
Category: Software

For the techie brave-of-heart, a software developer identifying himself only as “Mr. Gecko” has released version 0.3 of the freeware iPodLinux installer program. The new version, a 3.7 megabyte download (courtesy of MacUpdate), lets users install Linux on 5G and 5.5G iPods and adds the following changes:
-Now it knows what iPod version you have.
-It finds where your iPod is located, in case it is /dev/disk2, it will still install.
-If you’re able it installs the bootloader and Linux does not work try renaming your iPod to a simple name like “Your iPod” (no quotes).
iPodLinuxInstaller 0.3 is available for free and requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later, AppleScript and a Macintosh-formatted iPod to run.
If you’ve tried the new version or have comments about Linux on the iPod, let us know over in the forums.