Caveat Emptor: PS2

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Considering the purchase of a Sony Playstation 2 for yourself or for a gift? First, get your head examined because there aren’t any around, then read this article from Industry Standard about the bevy of PS2 scams floating around the Web.

Stop me if you’ve heard this: There’s a guy up in the icy north who has the best toys in the world this holiday season, and he promises to deliver them to good boys and girls (or at least ones who give him their credit card numbers) by Christmas. But if the toys never show up, does that mean we haven’t been good, or just that we’re suckers?

The Better Business Bureau isn’t sure, but it’s warning consumers in the U.S. and Canada about a pair of Web sites that are promising Sony PlayStation2 consoles, one of the hottest items on the wish list this season (along with the pink Barbie VW Beetle, of course). The site of (also at says, “You’ve found what the world is searching for: PlayStation2” and promises delivery by Christmas if ordered by Dec. 15. Only problem, according to’s Greg Sandoval, is that a lot of people who have paid $394 to $599 for the game haven’t received it. Where is the company going to get all the hard-to-find consoles? Probably not from Sony, which told Sandoval that the Web site isn’t an authorized reseller. Web site owner Scott Byers told CNET it’s all a case of mistaken identity. There were some other guys, you see, who also have a company named, and those are the guys that took the money and ran. Got it?

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