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Date: Monday, August 23rd, 2004, 22:53
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Are you thinking of getting an iBook ? Here’s your chance to buy what may be the cheapest laptop in the world. For only US$933 you can get a current model iBook. If you’re a student in Hong, that is. Read more…

I just got an incredible deal on an iBook that I wish to share with you.
I’m a student studying in Hong Kong. Last week I was planning to get a new iBook for my Mom so that she can get rid of her old PC and virus. When I opened the newspaper last Friday, I saw there was an advert with a huge heading HKD 6960 (US$892) for an G4/12.1-inch/iBook. I was shocked by that and immediately I dropped by the booth that held by Apple to have a look.
Before I saw this advert, I went to the local Apple Center to play with the demo machines and are interested in the PowerBook 12-inch, and fortunately when I asked if they have them in stock they said “no.” Apparently many resellers have no stock on most Apple products like PowerBooks or iPod.
When I arrived at the booth, I saw something really interesting, Apple is offering six special offers to end users. One of which is the HKD 6960 (US$892) for an iBook G4 12-inch. I don’t think it’s an old or refurbished model. It’s a brand new, unopened box, current model.
PowerBook G4 12-inch with the 1GHz processor, if you wish to add an Airport Extreme card, it cost only extra HKD 300, which is US$39. So altogether US$933 you get a brand new iBook which should be selling at US$1178. A good deal right?
Besides that, they have another promotions, such as purchased any PowerBook G4 Laptops with SuperDrive (even Combo Drive), you can either get a FREE iPod 20GB or 8% discount.
Since I bought my first Mac from a local reseller store, I prefer going back to them and I really like their service, however, when I call the reseller, they told me they don’t have any stock on the PowerBook and iPods, looks like it’s an exclusive promotion from Apple directly, and no other stores have these great deals.
I don’t want to miss the good deal, so I went back to the booth and decide between whether to get a PowerBook with a Free iPod 20GB, or an iBook with such best price. Eventually I’ll go for the iBook since I know my mom won’t be such a heavy user, and I can save money.
I looked on the Internet and couldn’t find anywhere else has such an offer. The above promotion is offer for all people that have the Educational ID such as me (Student Card), but the salesman told me even a photocopy of my friends will do. Also no sales tax in Hong Kong, so you just paid US$933, and you get the iBook, no tricks. That’s what we always said HK is the shopping paradise. The promotion end on 02 September 2004.
A poor quality scan of the promotional flyer can be found here.

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