Clamshell Mode is Back in Mac OS 10.1.5

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Date: Thursday, June 6th, 2002, 00:00
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The recent update of Mac OS X (10.1.5) restores something that has apparently been broken for a while (at least since 10.1.3) — Clamshell mode.

When using my TiBook (rev C, 667), I was unable until today to operate the digital projector only (via the VGA output) without the screen open. Especially when standing in front of a room full of people giving a talk, it’s nice to have a closed ‘book.

I did this, in case anyone has trouble reproducing it, with a closed, sleeping TiBook to which I added a VGA cable and a USB device (a wireless mouse). A mouse click woke up the ensemble, and only the external display was recognized, at full resolution.

Now I can run a PowerPoint presentation with the mouse in my hand (or even my pocket), and have the conference room table essentially free of extra stuff, with the projector sitting on top of the laptop. With a really short VGA cable, the whole setup looks tidy and professional.

And just in time for my big presentation Friday, too!

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