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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Here’s two articles that seem click-worthy for readers:

  • MacWeek – “Packard Bell’s iMac tack“: “The Z1, which should hit stores in August at a suggested retail price of $2,499, has a 10-inch square footprint. The 20-pound system combines notebook and desktop technology to fit the DVD-ROM and floppy drives, processor, motherboard, memory and other hardware behind the 15-inch TFT-XGA flat panel display. The system’s base houses the hard drive…”
  • iMacworld – “Windows 95 Emulators“: “Although the newest versions of Insignia Solutions’ SoftWindows 95 and Connectix’s Virtual PC have gotten speedier and do an impressive job of emulating a Pentium-based PC, both products still fail to deliver the performance of even a low-end Pentium-based PC…”

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