Combo Drives Coming For Rev. A TiBooks [updated]

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Date: Friday, May 17th, 2002, 10:01
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As you know, Apple only shipped CD-RW/DVD combo drives in the 550 and 667 MHz (Rev. B) PowerBook G4 Titanium and offered it as an optional $299 upgrade for those that purchased 550 and 667MHz PBG4s without the combo drive.

First generation 400 and 500MHz PBG4 Titanium owners didn’t qualify for this and were stuck with their CD-RW or DVD drive with no upgrade path other than an external unit.

The PowerPage has obtained a confidential memo detailing plans for an internal CD-RW/DVD combo drive for the first generation (Rev. A) PowerBook G4 Titanium 400 and 500 MHz – the company said the Rev. A combo drive will be available “in about a week.”

The Rev. A combo drive upgrade is a 8x8x8x24x mechanism that will retail for around US$300 and will be user installable. The new drive is compatible with Retrospect, iTunes, Disc Burner, OS 9 and OS X.

Update: Think MCE…

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