Comcast @Home Stifles Airport Users

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Date: Tuesday, January 29th, 2002, 00:00
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I sent Comcast this complaint with regards to their recent change to support of Apple Wireless technology:

I sent Comcast this complaint with regards to their recent change to support of Apple Wireless technology:

To Whom it May Concern:

I don’t usually start letters with the above greeting unless I’m really angry about something. Well as of today, I’m pissed off and it’s at Comcast.

Regarding all @home customers who own a wireless Apple “Airport” modem system along with their Macintosh equipment:

I have since found out that after the transfer from @Home to Comcast (complete with DHCP settings and the like), all folks who own Apple computers with the wireless “Airport” modems suddenly don’t have wireless access any more. You have to physically plug the modem cable into the RJ 45 port of the Mac. The message boards (including,, and slashdot) are all starting to light up over this fact.

This “feature” completely defeats the ease of use that the wireless modem is supposed to impart. I have used my wireless technology now for the past year and a half without any problem. Before I received your broadband service I happily distributed a lowly 56Kbps bandwidth to my house (which includes an iBook and an iMac), and then @home broadband since October or so. What has gone wrong? Have you switched your servers to Microsoft or something?

I understand there is a movement within the broadband corporate community to find ways to disallow people from sharing bandwidth. Equating such an act with stealing, or robbing.

That is flawed logic.

Unless a customer service representative emails me with an answer, I’m cancelling your service. Cable TV and all. All because I now can’t use my wireless modem.

You see I would rather have 56K and wireless than broadband and no wireless. And there are lots of people who feel the same way, particularly in the Macintosh community (who will be receiving a copy of this letter.)

You will LOSE CUSTOMERS because of this policy!!!

p.s. it’s not too late to play dumb, and tell your customers that “we expect to have wireless support coming soon…”

Honestly, how much time would it take to remove the software (or firmware) control from your servers that won’t allow my DHCP/NAT based wireless device to work?

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