CometCase: Carrying Case for the PB2400

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Contributing editor Bob Snow sends us this review of the Port/Targus CometCase.

The diminutive PowerBook 2400c, code named “Comet” has achieved cult status in Japan, where it was manufactured for Apple by IBM. Intended exclusively for the Asian market, it was eventually marketed and sold in the US. I continue to modify and upgrade my Comet to keep it as current and useful as possible. I finally found a case that suits the small size and elegance of this little gem.


It’s manufactured by Port/Targus specifically for the IBM ThinkPad 560, a machine that is remarkably similar in size and appearance to the 2400. The 560 has a slightly larger footprint, but is thinner. As a result, the 2400 is a very good, but not perfect fit.

The case is made of black leather and lightly padded with an outside pocket for accessories. There is enough room in the main compartment to store the power adapter alongside the computer. For comparison I have also shown Port’s full size leather case, which can accommodate a Wallstreet PowerBook.

The only reason I cannot give this case an unconditional recommendation is because of the arrangement and execution of the wrap around zipper. When the case is opened completely, it is difficult to get the zippers started to close the case. More problematic is the fact that the design of the case puts the three sided zipper opening around the sides and bottom.

If the zippers were to open, the computer would just drop out the bottom of the case. It is available directly from for US$99 with free UPS ground shipping. has it for US$78 plus shipping.

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