Comic Strip Suggests Divine Connection to Macintosh

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A reader sent in the following sighting:

Here in the Washington DC area, the Washington Post runs a comic strip called “Non Sequitor”. It’s written by Wiley Miller. One of its characters that has developed a life of its own is called Homer. Homer is a soul that keeps getting reincarnated from Heaven to try and figure out the meaning of life. It’s really quite funny! If you goto you can read about the last few adventures.

I bring this to your attention to note that the Angel in charge of sending the souls back down to Earth is frequently sitting in front of a large computer and screen. Sometime last year, I was pleasantly suprised to notice an Apple logo sitting on the back of the monitor. More recently, a very prominent [G4] has cropped up across the case of the machine! In fact, if you go to the following page, you’ll see the highly antisipated followup to the G3….

Imagine, the workers of the Almighty himself are using the mighty Machintosh to keep things running smoothly.

Hmmm… where does that place Windows?

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