Computer Glitch Blamed for Incorrect Apple Rebate Checks

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Date: Tuesday, November 20th, 2001, 13:25
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Yesterday I received my rebate check from Apple on their Computer/Monitor combo deal. I was expecting US$300 but got a check for only US$100. I called the rebate center and complained about it and when they got back to me this morning it turned out they had the 733 and the 867 reversed in their program, and all the people who should have gotten US$300 got US$100 (I think she said 106 people).

Subsequently everyone who applied for a US$100 got US$300 (I think she said 86 people) I was assured I would be getting an additional US$200 shortly in the mail, but the folks who got overpaid had a stop placed on their checks and will be reissued checks for the lower amount. She called it a computer glitch. How embarrassing.

Hmmm… I wonder what OS they were running?

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