Connect Your TiBook to the Apple Cinema Display

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Date: Tuesday, March 19th, 2002, 00:00
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Got US$3000 burning a hole in your pocket? Well, if you are seeking true monitor gluttony and the envy of all your friends you’d be interested to know that Gefen is now shipping their Extend-it VGA to ADC adapter [US$400] which allows you to connect an Apple Display Connector-based monitor, like the Apple Cinema Display, to some VGA devices such as the PowerBook G4 selected PowerBook models:

WOODLAND HILLS, CA [March 12, 2002] Gefen is now shipping its ex-tend-it VGA to ADC Conversion Box, which connects Apple’s 17 inch Studio Display or 22 inch Cinema Display to any PowerBook G4, using the computer’s built-in VGA analog port.

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