Connectix Defeats Sony on Virtual Game Station!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Connectix Corporation has scored a major victory over Sony in a California court allowing the software company to begin selling their Virtual Game Station software again.

Connectix Virtual Game Station is a software emulator that allows PowerMacintosh G3 and G4 users to play Sony Playstation games on their computers. Soon after its release at the 1999 MacWorld Expo in San Francisco, Sony was granted an injunction against Connectix that prohibited the sale and updating of the software.

“The court has recognized that reverse engineering is a common, legitimate, and valuable development practice, protected under law,” stated Roy McDonald, CEO of Connectix. “We are pleased to be able to bring our product back to the Macintosh community and launch it in the Windows market. Now consumers on both platforms will enjoy their right to choose to play PlayStation games on these computers, and Sony and game developers can benefit from the expanded market for their games as a result of this choice. We believe this landmark decision will have broad ramifications throughout the software and other media industries. This ruling supports the clear goal of US copyright law to allow fair use of prior works to create new intellectual property which broadens consumer choice. This is a great victory for every American.”

While it remains to be seen if this is truly a victory for every American, Mac gamers are sure to rejoyce now that Connectix can once again update and sell CVGS.

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