Correction: FireWire vs. SCSI

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In my MacWEEK column (“The O’Grady Files: Fire(Wire) in the hole“) the SCSI figure is stated should be 320 Mbps (not 40 Mbps). To compare FireWire, you have to divide its speed by 8, and you get 50 MBps, which is still faster than low end SCSI, but the faster Ultra 2 Wide and SCSI 3 give FireWire a run for its money.

FireWire 50 MB/s 400 Mb/s
FireWire2 (proposed) 100 MB/s 800 Mb/s
UW SCSI 40 MB/s 320 Mb/s
Ultra 2 Wide SCSI 80 MB/s 640 Mb/s
SCSI-3 160 MB/s 1280 Mb/s

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