Could the new Mac Pro be available as early as December 16th?

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Date: Thursday, December 5th, 2013, 09:45
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macpro_background2That’s what a German retailer wants you to believe.¬†German retailer Conrad Electronic has begun taking pre-orders for the two stock configurations of the new Mac Pro, citing availability on Monday, December 16. Where they are getting this date is a bit of a mystery since Apple generally doesn’t give its resellers that much advanced notice. So far Apple is still pointing at the vague availability of “mid December” which was announced as part of their Mavericks release event in October.

The Mac Observer is calling “shenanigans” with the following reasoning;

“What we do know is that the 16th is the middle of December. So that checks out. On the other hand, Apple usually releases new products on Tuesday or Friday. December 16th is a Monday. So that doesn’t check out.”

Makes sense to me, but then if Apple wanted to gain any holiday sales for the Mac Pro, it couldn’t wait much longer. Then again, pro level computers are probably not the normal gift under the tree. Some reporters, such as MacRumors, are predicting there may be a slow roll-out and limited availability of the Mac Pro.

“Availability of the new Mac Pro is likely being constrained by new Intel Ivy Bridge-EP processors that were officially launched in September but which have apparently been somewhat slow to ramp up production.”

Several predictions expect that even if Apple announces availability, long shipping times may push the date that the Mac powerhouse reach users into 2014.

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One Response to “Could the new Mac Pro be available as early as December 16th?”

  1. Well, if someone really wanted to give me a new Mac Pro for Christmas, I wouldn’t object.

    Constrained production of CPUs? Noooooo. Hopefully, that only applies to the highest-speed chips, and the 12-core ones at lower clock speeds are not so constrained. *Thinks wishfully.*